Jazz Festival or Temudas Festival? Why not do both!

Last year, due to a broken-down car, we missed the Jazz Festival in Las Palmas, we were gutted, Jose James was playing, in the Jazz world, he’s a must see / hear.  We did, however, manage to catch some of the festival in Santa Brigida and it was brilliant.  The festival took place in the municipal park (we love an open-air concert).  The band were fantastic and the atmosphere was electric!  The band we saw were from France, but I was impressed with the lead singers Spanish, which I understood – those Spanish classes are really paying off!  Car or no car, we will definitely be going to the Jazz festival this Summer. Tickets are now available and they are selling ‘like hot cakes’.

We also went to an event at Temudas Festival.  We were invited to see the Las Palmas Philharmonic Orchestra on the port.  We were a little dubious at first, well, an orchestra playing on an industrial port sounded a bit weird and we had no idea what to expect.

With tickets in hands, we met friends for Mojitos in Park Catalina whilst they checked their picnic supplies – yes you can take snacks and even better, drinks of the alcoholic kind.  We were then ferried by bus from El Muelle centre.  This was a great opportunity to practise our Spanish.  We arrived at, what felt like, the middle of nowhere.  When we disembarked, we were gobsmacked.  It has to be seen to be believed.  We walked down a corridor of huge containers, whilst films of previous festivals were projected onto them.  When we reached the end, we were greeted by an amazing display of more containers surrounding the stage.

Once seated and munching on our picnic, the orchestra started.  Now, I’m not a massive classical music fan but this was amazing, the acoustics were fantastic and I kept thinking to myself, this is surreal, I’m sat in the middle of a commercial port watching a Philharmonic Orchestra!

They played for just over an hour and it flew by.  When they finished, we had time for drinks and loo stops before we were ferried back to El Muelle to continue with our evening.  We were buzzing and ended up back at Parque Catalina watching more live music.  It was definitely a night to remember!!!

Did you go to any festivals last year, or are you going to any, this year?  Whether in Las Palmas or further afield, we would love you to tell us about your experience.



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