Am I in Paradise? NO, you’re still on Earth. Welcome to Gran Canaria!

Have you ever been to a place where you have asked yourself: “Am I in Paradise?” In case you haven’t, coming to Gran Canaria may evoke it. Continue reading, to get to know why Gran Canaria could be a paradise on Earth for you.☀️

Am I in Paradise? Because the sea is all around

If you love the sea, like I do, Gran Canaria is the perfect place to stay. Long beaches, mild temperatures, gentle ocean, perfect conditions for a variety of activities like surfing.  Besides all this, in one hour you can drive from one part of Island to another and discover amazing places and beaches. Either rent a car, or go by public transport you can get to your destination really fast! There are frequent bus connections (almost every fifteen minutes) from the airport or Las Palmas to Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and Puerto Rico. 🏖These are just some places where you should go to enjoy the beach. Around these towns, there are many smaller beaches which you can visit.

Am I in Paradise? Because mountains are astonishing

In the heart of Gran Canaria there are various mountains.⛰The area is criss-crossed by thousands of footpaths which give you a lot of opportunities to discover volcanic formations. One of the most astonishing is Roque Nublo. You can get there by car and  walk form different parking places. You can decide how long you want to walk for. I promise you, the view on the top in any case is spectacular. A tip for the walk; you can go there just before sunset and on sunny days you might even see Tenerife. But for sure you will see other mountains such as the highest one Pico de las Nieves.

And here goes some extra video material about Gran Canaria that was done with a lot of love by our friends Simona and Jure who travelled around the world some years ago and now stopped on Gran Canaria: Here goes A MUST WATCH video to plan something different on Gran Canaria. ❤️

Now it’s your turn to discover why Gran Canaria is paradise on Earth. When you find somewhere interesting, share it with us. I would love to discover it as well!

Until the next time. 😉


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