5 things you couldn’t live without

According to Madonna, we are living in a material world (but I’m not really a material girl).  However, what if we had to let some things go!  What would you choose to ‘do away with’ or better still, what 5 things could you NOT live without (apart from your English classes 😎).
In my travels I have ‘gone’ without many simple things, when I lived in Greece (many years ago) I used to do my washing on the roof of my apartment in a big plastic bowl, so when I bought my first washing machine, I spent about an hour just watching this amazing treat go round and round. 😁👍
When we lived in Zanzibar, we had a 3 month power cut, yes that’s right 3 months, 12 weeks, a season without electricity, no fridge, no washing machine (back to the bowl on the roof), no fans (it was the hottest time of the year) no internet (are you freaking kidding me?), no tv (ok shoot me now).  But we survived, we came out of that very long 3 month power outage stronger and quite good at entertaining ourselves.

So 5 things I could not live without….


  • Ear plugs, I’m a light sleeper and if I don’t sleep, well, you don’t want to know me.  I used to live above a reggae bar and there was no chance of sleep, so my wonderful mother introduced me to ear plugs, nirvana!
  • I’m going to put mobile phone in there as I think it’s essential to communicate and sometimes it’s not possible to chat to friends or family face to face, I could do without social media if I had to, just a good old fashioned phone will do
  • Shallow I know but, my hair straighteners, if you saw me in humidity, you would understand, they are an important part of my existence.
  • Weird one, but Comedy.  I love a good comedian or a sitcom and they do say laughter is the best medicine, so I’m going to pop a stand up comedian in my pocket.
  • Last one, Haribo Tangfastics 💕 if I could exist on Tangfastics only, I would be a very happy (fat, with no teeth probably) girly.
That was quite difficult, OK most sensible people would put: air, water, food, yeah yeah but aside from the basics, what 5 things could you not live without, I’m nosey/nosy and also interested to know, obvs 😁👍

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