First time in Las Palmas?

Before planning any trip to a new place I personally check not only the flights but also the transports to arrive at my final destination. When I planned my trip to Las Palmas it wasn’t different.

So when we landed at Ingenio, I immediately checked if the busses I had found in Germany (online) were there for real and so it was!

Now, you have to know that the busses are for some reason on the other side of the airport. Just follow the signs and you’ll be guided until the exit where the busses are. Don’t get confused if under the bus sign you see “global” – is just the name of the suburban bus company.

You’ll then take the bus to San Telmo and from there you can go basically anywhere in Las Palmas! I also recommend to take the bus because it costs just 2.30 euros but if your flight is at night you can easily take a taxi, they are not so expensive but of course more expensive than the bus.

If you are looking for means of transport to get you around Las Palmas city, GUAGUAS MUNICIPALES would be the right company for you.🚌

Another option is: Sitycleta 🚲

I’m hungry. No hay problema. 🙂 

Probably after 8 hours (between check ins, waiting for the luggage and flight) you’ll be hungry. Don’t worry:

In Las Palmas doesn’t matter if you are a meat lover or not you can easily find vegan restaurants or restaurants with vegan options. I’m not vegan myself but since my classmate is, I tried it for a week and I must say it was easier than I thought!

My favourite by now is Bioloco, a vegan restaurant that serves huge tasty burgers for up to 5 euros with all sorts of options. Another restaurant that really took me to memory lane is the Italian restaurant San Andrea. A nice little restaurant where everything is fresh made. It might cost a little bit more but trust me, if you really want to eat real Italian food, go there! I discovered most of this locations just going the boardwalk of Las Canteras up and down. It’s in fact easy to get around in Las Palmas.

Although the streets might be a bit confusing we often take the beach as a reference to know exactly where we are without having to constantly check Maps. The important part is: Learn a little bit of Spanish if you want to get the message across. It was way easier to get around and people were super friendly and helped us a lot!

What’s or has been your experience in Las Palmas so far? Please share with us your favourite spot to chill out and we’ll try it out 🙂


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2 comentarios sobre “First time in Las Palmas?

    1. Thanks Ayoze!
      I would also suggest: Meraki come bonito 🙂 and if you want some Slovenian and Serbian taste, go to Tergeste in Las Canteras.