How to study better and learn faster: 3 styles

If you’re reading today’s blog post, I’m sure you’re wondering how to study better and learn faster. Did you know there’s a reason why you only remember certain parts of a lesson and you forget the rest? Do you remember how lessons changed from primary school to high school and then at university? We all went through the process of playing with and touching objects, to sitting, writing and listening to our professor. Do you think that in a class full of people with one professor speaking, all the students learn and remember the lesson in the same way?

Our brain functions in many different ways, but there are 3 predominant ways in which our brain remembers a particular lesson. And here we have the 3 learning styles. If you’re a visual learner, you have to see the material to learn about it. If you’re an auditory learner you have to hear the information to remember it. And if you’re a kinaesthetic learner you have to move while learning. I’m not making this up. This is a model that was made by Neil Fleming, a teacher from New Zealand. Now, let’s discover the 3 styles that will tell you more about how to study better and learn faster.

Read these descriptions and try to guess which suits you better.

How to study better and learn faster: Auditory

If your learning style is auditory then you learn by hearing and listening. 👂🏻You may often talk to yourself, move your lips or read out loud. Reading and writing tasks are difficult for you, because you have to hear them. You’re often better at talking to a friend or a tape recorder and then listening to what has been said. You remember things by the way they sound and you understand instructions better when someone tells you them.

How to study better and learn faster: Visual

Students with visual style like to learn through written language, like reading and writing tasks. 📝If your learning style is visual, you remember what has been written down even if you only read it once. You pay better attention to the lesson if you watch it. Usually, written language is a difficulty for you and you do better with charts, demonstrations, videos and other visual materials.

How to study better and learn faster: Kinaesthetic

If kinaesthetic is your learning style, you learn best while touching or moving.🕺🏻 You might easily lose concentration when there’s no movement. When you’re in the lecture you might write down what you’re learning just for the sake of moving your hands. When you read, you like to scan the material first and then focus on the details. You like to get the big picture of the thing first. You usually use colour highlighters. Your notes are full of drawings, diagrams or doodles.

Did you identify yourself to one of the styles? Or maybe you use more than one? This is normal. All the 3 learning styles are used when learning different things, but one usually predominates. For some tasks you might have an auditory style and for other tasks you might have a kinaesthetic learning style.

And now the final step! Let’s see how well you know yourself! Answer these 20 questions and check if you found the right learning style for yourself in a few seconds. What is more, at the end of the test you will get some tips on how to learn better, knowing your learning style.

Answer the 20 questions here!

And write down the advice you get at the end <3

Did you learn anything new about yourself? Let us know in the comment section below or contact us here.


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