What I’ve learnt after 1 month on Gran Canaria

When I think about it, 1 month ago seems like a lot of time but it went faster than I could ever imagine.

And when you especially think about the fact that this was my first time in Spain after learning Spanish, it’s even crazier! I made a lot of mistakes and sometimes things didn’t turn out as I expected but from those mistakes I could just learn how to move around better and with more confidence. Do you remember Nika’s experience, our Erasmus student from last year? She spoke about some cultural shocks too 🙂

For example: I learned that here things go way slower than in Germany, especially here in Gran Canaria or that it’s not allowed to drink on the street. These were the cultural shocks that actually hit me.

But what did I actually learn from Gran Canaria? Well, first of all grocery shopping. Having a supermarket downstairs, we didn’t think twice about where to buy food. We were wrong. We afterwards realised that it is way cheaper to buy fruit and vegetables in a frutería.🍎🍓The supermarket we went to is also one of the most expensive ones. This is a common mistake people make when in a new country.

When I moved to Germany I did the same mistake and when I went for vacations to London it did get better with the time passing by, but you can speed up the process if you check once in a while all the options available.

Las Palmas’ nightlife is also a bit strange. My friend and I asked for, searched for and went to many clubs and bars that on the internet were ranked as the best experience in LP. This wasn’t the case for us, especially for me due to my music taste and general preferences in terms of clubs and bars. But we found the holy grail when we talked to some locals. They told us to go to San Telmo and once there we could find what we searched for, and so it was. If you are into something different than reggaeton and more “underground”, try the PKDK: nice little location with affordable cocktails and nice people :).

Also if you want to try a nice Sangría I recommend visiting the Café Habana. If you can speak a little bit of Spanish it’s even easier to get in contact with people and get the insider tips to experience LP at its best :).

Do you also have some tips you’d like to share?

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