How to keep your language topped up?

Top tips for a relaxing way to keep your language topped up.

Do you ever leave a language class thinking, “that was brilliant”, “I learnt so much”, now what can I do to keep learning before my next class……

Here are some handy tips to keep you up to speed with your language whilst chilling out at the same time!  Bonus!

Read.  Reading is a great way to learn new vocabulary and also sentence structure.  NikaTeacher issues regular blogs which are an ideal way to keep learning, they are not too long and overwhelming and we throw in something different so you can learn new ‘jargon’ whilst being entertained.

Don’t be afraid to read a book in the language you are learning, books are an amazing tool for learning languages.  However, some are easier to use than others.  Try using dual language books, they have the same story written in two languages, your native language on one page and your target language on the opposite page so you can keep checking new vocabulary.

Why not read a children’s book, learning a language is a perfect excuse to escape to a land of magic and unicorns, or become a spy or even a wizard for a while.  Children’s books use simpler language and are fun to read.  Even better, why not read your favourite childhood book in your target language, you know the story so it will be easier to understand what’s happening.

Re-Read in Las Palmas stock second hand books in good condition and in many different languages, this is the ideal place to find a book, chill out and read, then you can return the book for someone else to enjoy, perfect!

Another great way to keep learning is my favourite, go to the cinema.  I love the whole process of going to the cinema, ticket, popcorn, and movie.  Monopol in Las Palmas show English movies with Spanish subtitles, what’s not to like, you’re having a night out, watching the latest Oscar nominated film and learning at the same time.  The cinema is in a great location and really confortable, if you see people hanging out around the popcorn machine, it’s because they are waiting for a fresh batch to be made, so hang on in there if you want decent nibbles.

Finally, why not hang out with the locals, just go to any café, restaurant or bar and just spark up a conversation, you’d be surprised how you get along and you never know, you could make some great friends along the way!

Do you have any top tips to keep your target language up to scratch?  Feel free to share them with us and your fellow learners.


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