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Learn English step by step Las Palmas

Switch from dubbing to subbing

“I wish I spoke great English. It would make my life so much easier. But I can’t practice it, so I guess I’m stuck.”

If this thought popped up in your mind at least once in your life, then you’re reading the right blog post today. We’re going to talk about a special way how to learn English step by step Las Palmas without speaking it – that is watching films.


Spain is a big country and every foreign film is dubbed. This means that Spanish actors do voiceovers of English speaking actors who are protagonists in a film. And if you want to hear a different language or a different accent it’s just not going to happen by itself. That’s why you have to watch a film in its original English version, if you want to learn English.

“Oh that’s just horrible. I can’t listen to my fav character speaking with a funny English voice.”

I know it’s very confusing and annoying when you hear your favourite character speak in their original language and not in Spanish. Been there, done that, as I live next to Italy and they also have a dubbing culture. You must let yourself go and just follow the storyline. This is a great experience, because you can see the film with different eyes, from a different perspective and you can connect to the characters in a different way.

If you watch films in English you learn about these 4 things without even trying hard:

  • How the voice goes up and down in English depending on the phrase they say, whether it is a statement, a question or an order
  • American or British accent. The character’s accent can tell you where they’re from and how they pronounce words
  • The vocabulary they use in a film is related to the environment where the scene takes place. You learn how people speak in a store, at a concert, when they’re with friends and family and so on
  • The element of culture is always present and you can learn about the holidays, events, beliefs and customs that are typical for an English speaking country

Learn English step by step Las Palmas

Watching films is for all English learners, because it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or not. There are always two things you’d want to do to learn English step by step Las Palmas

1.) Pick the film you want to see in English


2.) add Spanish SUBTITLES

This will help you learn whole phrases if you’re a beginner and new vocabulary if you’re not a beginner anymore. Think about it, you read the subtitles and at the same time you listen to what the characters are saying.

If you’re a beginner, I know our idea can sound like preparations for going to Mars, but you can choose a short part of a film and replay it if you want. Make sure you pick a very interesting film, because it will be easy to follow the storyline – you’ll want to know how it ends and why things happened as they did.

When you feel like you understand a lot of what’s going on then you don’t need subtitles anymore. And I’m sure that you’ll be so much better at speaking English, too!


The last step I can help you with, is to give you examples of films that could be interesting to you. I know we all have different taste and preferences, so here are just a few options, because English films are easy to find.


  • Isn’t It Romantic
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Hangover
  • John Wick


  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Green Book
  • James Bond
  • The King’s Speech

Have you already tried this method or have you already seen some of the proposed movies? If you need more advice of how to learn English step by step Las Palmas, contact us.

Katja M. B.

Photographer Las Palmas: Aljosa


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