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learning a language in my daily routine in Gran Canaria

Learning a language in my daily routine in Gran Canaria is also one of the important things I’ll talk about. But first I’ll tel you how I see the routines. For me, (as I’m a bit of a control freak), I like a daily routine. Especially during the week – weekends, not so much.  Weekends are for lie ins, however we have a very annoying greedy cat who you can set your watch by and demands his breakfast at the crack of dawn. EVERY MORNING!

Learning a Language in My Daily Routine in Gran Canaria: First Things First

No two days are the same anymore, so here goes a (week) day in the life of Louise.  Wake up, not to an alarm, either the cat demanding breakfast or the dog demanding a walk.  The first and most important thing for me is coffee; you don’t want to talk to me until I have had a cup of coffee.  Watch the BBC news whilst I drink my coffee with the dogs eyes burning into the back of my head (please take me for a walk).

Once it’s light, walkies with Jua dog.  This is when I think about; my day ahead, what to write for the next blog, what shall I have for lunch, you know, important stuff.  After doggie walk I have my second cup of coffee, and then I’m ready to face the day.

Depending on what time I start work, I usually do some washing and a quick flick round with the duster. (That’s one of my mother’s sayings)  Breakfast then shower …

How I Include Learning a Language in my Daily Routine in Gran Canaria

Off to work, again depending on the time, I drive or catch the bus, these days I’ve been using the bus and it’s a long journey.  Santa Brigida to Las Palmas is not THAT far but it feels like it takes an age to get to work – an hour to be exact, honestly when I lived in the UK, my commute to Leeds on the train was quicker …

That said, this is the perfect opportunity to learn some Spanish. This is when I include learning a language in my daily routine in Gran Canaria. I pop my earplugs in and listen to either a podcast or a Spanish lesson, or just listen to the locals on the bus and try to work out what they are talking about.  Podcasts are perfect for a long journey or even a short commute, the BBC do 6 minute English podcasts which you can listen to anytime..

So if you are learning English and need an extra listening boost, have a look at the link.  I have a couple of students who listen to English on their journeys and I have to say, it’s improved their language immensely. 

Arrive at work, chat with the girlies, get ready for lessons, and away we go.

End of My Daily Routine in Gran Canaria

After lessons, set off home again, for that long journey, no problem, pop the earplugs in again.  It’s usually late by the time I get home but thankfully, the hound has already been walked so I just have something to eat, watch a bit of TV to unwind or read the newspaper, catch up with boyfriend, sometimes, we are like ships passing in the night, which is why our weekends together are very precious,

Off to bed, read (my favourite part of the day) and usually fall asleep after a couple of pages.  Super!

Do you have a daily routine? Is there something you have to do every day otherwise you will go crazy?  Let us know and don’t forget to have a look at the Podcasts.




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