How to start a new habit and stick to it 100 %

Today you’re going to read about how to stop that weird insecure feeling you get when you start a new habit. That feeling that usually stops you from continuing a new routine. Let´s see how to start a new habit and stick to it 100 %?

  1. Start a new habit

The first thing you usually do is imagine how to get to a goal. It can be a long or a short term goal. And you usually also know exactly what steps to make to achieve it. Let’s say you’re trying to achieve B2 level in English. You already did the first step to enrol in a class and you started going to lessons. You know that in order to get to B2 you need to have a look at different things. Some of them may include reading again what you didn’t understand in class, doing your homework or reading a book, watch a movie, listen to a podcast. The first lesson and the first home tasks are exciting!👏 The second day doing the routine is exciting too, but a little bit less. The third one’s already a bummer and the fourth or the fifth day you want to give up. This is of course accompanied with feelings of being bored, or trapped or insecure. You might also say to yourself things like: “Oh why did I enrol into this? I feel so weird. I don’t want to do this anymore, nope, no thanks.” Sounds familiar?

  1. Understand the process

By the day five you want to quit and don’t feel like doing it anymore even if you really really want to. And here comes the big secret. According to studies, your body is going through some changes when you decide to start a new habit. This is a chemical process that involves hormones. Before you start a new habit, learning English in our case, your cells are used being fed with stress that is cortisol. But when you start a new habit it’s not stressful, right? It’s quite the opposite! You get this adrenaline rush. You know you’re doing something amazing for yourself! Improving yourself by learning a new language and making a step into a better future. In these situations of excitement the cells are fed with happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin.😜 The only problem is that your cells are not used to get these hormones. So what happens next?

  1. Ignore the weird feeling

In these situations what you’d want to do is ignore the weird feelings. Just ignore them. 🤦‍♀️  And you do this by writing down the reason or the reasons why you took up learning English in the first place. Think about them and keep up the good work. In this scenario, after your cells reproduce again they’ll be fed with dopamine and serotonin from the beginning and it will be marvellous! You won’t be feeling insecure or out of place or bored but you’ll be happy you’re learning so much and sticking to the new routine. And when you’re confident you’ve mastered the B2 level, you can be so proud!!

Now get a pen and a paper or your phone and write down your goal and your reasons to do it. THEN STICK TO IT and let us know if it worked 💃


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