The Importance of Foreign Languages for ERASMUS Student Exchange Programme

the importance of foreign languages

Is there something more interesting for a student 👩‍🎓 than studying a few months abroad and gaining an absolutely new and unforgettable experience through Erasmus student exchange programme? I don’t think so! 😉

But is it possible to study abroad without any knowledge of a foreign language 🤔? Of course NOT. Therefore, I decided to spread the awareness of importance of languages in an Erasmus student exchange programme in this blog post.

1. Participation in general

First and most important information: you can’t do Erasmus student exchange programme if you don’t have a certain level of English 🇬🇧, or of a language of your host country 🌍. Universities don’t usually accept students who do not have at least B1 level of a required language. Furthermore, some teachers 👩‍🏫 have their own rules in terms of accepting students on their courses.

The major reason is the fact that you wouldn’t be able to follow classes abroad without any knowledge of a foreign language. Consequently, you wouldn’t progress in your studies. I assume that you don’t want to spend your free time trying to understand new material before actually studying it 😅.

2. Getting to know other cultures

The knowledge of English or another foreign language is very important if you want to meet another culture and enjoy its tradition and customs 🎎. There is nothing that changes your way of thinking as much as the ability of understanding other cultures does. You become more open-minded and learn how to accept and respect differences. And a foreign language is one of the key tools in this process.

It helps you adjust to the new environment. You would easily explore new areas and understand their architecture better. Moreover, you would definitely want to order and taste food 🍜 that you have never tried before!  

3. Making friends

You have to be able to maintain a proper conversation 🗣 when you meet someone from a different cultural background than yours.  The knowledge of a foreign language is a must if you want to make new friends in a new country.

In the first place, you would understand people better. Most of the people lose their will to continue speaking when they have to repeat something many times. Secondly, you wouldn’t waste your time on unsuccessful attempts to explain something. In addition, you would have a possibility to practice your language skills without having so much trouble with it.

According to my personal experience with Erasmus student exchange programme, I can tell you that those kinds of friendships usually last for life 🥰.

4. Keeping your daily routine

Whatever your hobby or interest 🏄 is, the knowledge of English or another foreign language, would probably make it easier. For example, if you want to practice some sport, or take up singing classes, you would be able to get more information and become familiar with new terms in a foreign language.

If you want to keep up with your regular daily routine during your Erasmus exchange programme, speaking the language of the country where you currently live is essential 😊.

5. Erasmus traineeship in Gran Canaria at NikaTeacher

Since being awarded with an Erasmus student exchange programme myself, I have realized the importance of my knowledge of languages taught at NikaTeacher 🏫. This traineeship provided me with an opportunity to practice my already acquired language skills every single day.

My knowledge of languages enables me to do many different tasks, switching from Spanish 🇪🇸 to English 🇬🇧 whenever needed. Therefore, I´m glad to contribute to the school as much as I can.

the importance

All in all, you will be surprised when you find yourself being so fluent in a target language at the end of your exchange. And you will definitely be astonished when you realize how many new friends you’ve got 🤗!

So, would you like to spend a semester abroad? Get on and study foreign languages!

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