What do you miss from home? :)

When you travel overseas, whether it’s for two weeks or longer, is there anything you miss from home?

I think I’ve lived overseas for almost the same amount of time as I’ve lived in the UK (during my adult life anyway).  I miss many things from home, but it’s surely all about compromise, isn’t it?

When I speak to fellow expats who live here, I usually hear a little whinge about things they miss from home.  Understandably I guess.  The beauty of living on Gran Canaria and particularly Las Palmas is you can get almost everything here.

When we came to Las Palmas from Zanzibar (Zanzibar had ONE, yes one supermarket), we were like kids in a sweet shop.  We would walk around the city in utter wonder at these amazing shops, their contents and, oh my days, English stuff!

We missed silly things like Bisto gravy, piccalilli and the ultimate for me Haribo Tangfastics. However, a quick trip around Carrefour and also the lovely little Indian shop near Las Canteras beach and all my wishes were granted.  Tetley tea, you know the English love tea right, you can find this in any supermarket.

When friends from the UK come and visit, the first thing they ask before they set off is, ‘do you need anything bringing out?’

No thanks, it’s all here, everything, you won’t believe it, leave the crappy weather behind, come and learn Spanish whilst eating crumpets from Marks and Spencer and drinking Twinings Earl Grey Tea!

When I ask my students what they miss about being home, the number one answer is, mum’s home cooked meals………that’s definitely number 1 on anybody’s list!

What do you miss about home when you travel, Mum’s home cooking? Or something really weird and wacky! Share your experience with us – we’ll happily answer 🙂



Thanks to Matic and Maja for this amazing photos during our coffee time.


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2 comentarios sobre “What do you miss from home? :)

  1. Hello, I usualy leave my country, Slovenia, for a short period of time, so I really don’t miss my mum cooking. Especially because I like to taste other countries specialities. I usualy miss my home “comfort”, my car which give me freedom to move from one place to another. Y no veo hora cuando llega el mes de Mayo que podro visitar i ver Las Palmas, conocer Nika i conocer lugares que todavia no he visto.

    1. Lori, this is so true. Having a car makes it so easy for everyone to move around. Have you thought about renting a car here in Las Palmas? I can suggest you some companies. 🙂
      Otherwise, the bus service is quite good too!
      I’m really looking forward to meeting you in May <3