Why is HomeWork so important?

Do you dread the end of a lesson when your teachers says, ‘OK and for homework I would like you to…’

Firstly, let’s look at the important factors for learning a language.

  1. Self direction and sheer determination. You know your abilities and what will take you forward. We make every effort to determine your ability so that your lessons work for you.
  2. A pat on the back or a well done you is all well and good, but what motivates you and us more is watching your development.  If we are motivated by your improvement, you will be too!
  3. Regular practice. It’s better to practice a new language every day, just try walking around your house and saying to yourself (in your second language), “I’m making dinner, or I’m going to the supermarket to buy….”

Some people argue that homework isn’t necessary, for example,

99% of the time, we assign homework, it’s not mean, work ‘done’ at home, or a case of “finish exercise 6 on page 20 please”, that’s just a cop out.

We establish what you’ve been learning and what is best for your growth.  It may be something like asking you to do interesting research or write about something exciting you did during the week, and my favourite, preparing for a class debate.

When you learn Spanish or English in Las Palmas at NikaTeacher, we set homework for two reasons:

  1. to reinforce and
  2. to refresh.

We believe we have the balance just right for your benefit, without eating into your free time. Great teachers set great homework!

Is homework like Marmite? Do you love it or do you hate it?  We would be absolutely delighted hearing your answers in comments.


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