YouTubers meeting in Las Palmas (I encuentro de YouTubers)

YouTubers meeting

For the first time in Spain Meeting & Youtubers was created, an event for aspiring YouTubers.

Because of my curiosity I had to go there and check it out due also to the fact that I am not new to the YouTube world and that I thought about the idea of becoming a YouTuber myself.

The event started with a brief introduction of the main guests such as the marketing director Patricia González and the talent manager Teresa Guerra. This first opened the convention and began explaining how important it is to know about copyright, copy strike and fair use.

In fact due to such errors from creators may happen that a video gets demonitised (the video doesn’t make a revenue anymore) or gets completely cancelled. She also went through all the parts of the production of a video and gave tips and tricks on how to start from zero, encouraging us to start and telling us that at the beginning also a phone is enough to record, the important is to have the passion to produce content.

The second on the stage was the youtuber Keyblade. He talked about his own experience as a YouTuber and answered some questions from the fans.

The last but not least on the stage was Teresa Guerra. She went deep into the algorithm and showed us what YouTube likes to offer to the view, based on thumbnail, title, tags and length of a video. For example, if a video gets viewed less than 70 – 75%, the algorithm will see this as not interesting. This is called watch time and influences also the revenue.

Of course after all these numbers and diagrams people got a bit discouraged but they kept telling to the public to follow their passion. There was also the possibility to be a YouTuber for a minute and get to use all the equipment they provide. The best video would have won a price. At the end we had a Meet and Greet with the present YouTubers who kindly responded to further questions, took pictures and gave some advice to the fans.

The event was not only interesting but also a possibility to get to really know how this platform works and motivated me even more to one day produce my own content.

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And now I want to hear from you: Do you also aspire to film some videos and upload them on YouTube or have you actually been thinking about a career as a YouTuber?

If not, watching YouTubers can be a great way to learn keep learning a new language!

Let me know 🙂


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