10 most Instagram-able places on Gran Canaria

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This post is for the people that want to have an ‘on point’ Instagram account 📲. 10 most instagram-able

Gran Canaria has amazing photoshoot opportunities 📸, almost around every corner there is a photoshoot location, so make sure to bring several outfits on a road trip. The next locations are definitely worth checking out if you are planning on doing a few photoshoots on the island. 

  1. Puerto de Mogán

Located in the south of the island, and has the nickname ‘Little Venice’ due to the small picturesque streets located near the port of Mogán. 

The perfect-coloured houses combined with the flowers make this place irresistible for a photoshoot 🥰. 

  1. Roque Nublo

Located 1813 metres above sea level, automatically means an amazing viewpoint. With Tenerife in the background and Las Palmas and Maspalomas in different valleys give this location multiple shoot ideas. There is a small hike so make sure you are prepared. To make your picture even more spectacular, I would go to Roque Nublo at golden hour combined with the sunset 🌇. 

  1. Dunas de Maspalomas

The dunes of Maspalomas have been a protected nature reserve since 1987. 404 hectares of sand and with the right angle makes it look like you are standing in the middle of the desert 🏜. This is also a great spot for a sunset photoshoot. Be aware that during the day it might be really hot so bring enough sunscreen and water. 

NOTE: there are designated walking paths in the dunes, if you don’t follow them you can get a fine

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  1. Vegueta

The oldest part of the capital city Las Palmas. Originated in the 15th century which results in many historical buildings. A picturesque street around every corner which makes Vegueta irresistible. The most popular photoshoot locations are: Plaza Santa Ana, at the top of the Cathedral and Casa de Colón. Before you go, check the opening times ⏱ and make sure to choose a day when the sky is blue to make all the colours pop. 

  1. Natural pools in the north

In the north there are several natural pools. These pools are filled with seawater 🌊 but the rocks protect you from the waves, the clear water and the stone edges combined with the mountain view gives the perfect photoshoot background. 

The most famous natural pool is the natural pool in Agaete, nonetheless all of them are worth a visit. 

  1. Mirador del Balcón

Located in the north west of the island, there is a viewpoint that is in between cliffs ⛰, with a view of Tenerife and amazing cliffs on both sides of the ‘balcony’ that you stand on, this location can be a spectacular shooting location. 

  1. Tamadaba Park

Tamadaba park is one of Gran Canaria’s pride and joys, located on the west coast, it is the oldest and biggest nature reserve on the island, with its highest peak at 1.400 metres. This park has 7,500 hectares of untouched nature. If that is not enough bragging, the park is also part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Yes, the picture you have in your head now is completely right, endless views of the ocean, Tenerife, endless amounts of trees and a lot of chirping birds. 

The best thing about this national park is that you can create at least 5 different pictures 📸 for your Instagram account without changing location. 

  1. Barranco de las Vacas

After a small hike you’ll arrive here, people compare this Barranco to the Antelope canyon in the US. I would suggest skipping the hottest part of the day ☀️ because the ‘hike’ doesn’t have much shade. Also try to avoid the busiest times because the Barranco is quite small so if there are many walkers, it will be difficult to get a picture without people on it. 

With the sand-coloured cliffs and the rocks that surround you, it is easy to play with the angles, colours and the light

  1. Anfi del mar

White beach, clear water, and lots of palm trees 🌴, what else do you want? With an average of eight hours of sun EVERY day, there is not much that can ruin your perfect holiday shot.  

So many angles and too many caption possibilities, this will probably be your only struggle on this holiday! 

10 most instagram-able
  1. Azulejos

This location is for the influencers that also like to exercise a bit 🚵 (the hike is only about a kilometre long but it is a very steep climb). Before you reach this beautiful location with the lake, you have to hike up the hill which is quite steep. But when you finally reach the pool, you can relax, enjoy the view and have a swim

If you like the ‘rainbow’ mountain colours, you can also stay on the road and take a perfect picture on an empty road 🛣️ with different poses. 

Although all the locations are ‘Instagram feed’ proof, a little colour editing in the picture never hurt anyone 😉.

These locations are obviously not all the Instagram proof locations on the island but they are the ones that I think you CANNOT leave out

For other Instagrammable places check out @nikateacher and @travel_gran_canaria on Instagram! 

Do you agree with this top 10 or do you think we left out a must visit Instagram location? 

Elise and Nika


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2 comentarios sobre “10 most Instagram-able places on Gran Canaria

  1. Thank you so much for all these tips and Spots!! I have Two questions:)
    Where exactly is The viewpoint in Tamadaba where the photo was taken? And where is the starting point of the short hike to the lake in los azulejos?
    Thank you a lot!

    1. Hiii,
      The viewpoint in Tamadaba is: mirador llanos de la mimbre
      and the short hike starts at the bottom of Barranco de la manta and has a sign ‘Ruta 2’ at the start