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12 beautiful words in the English language

In every language there are a million words: some that we know and use daily, others that we might have heard but we don’t know the exact meaning of the word, or even words that we have never heard of. Words are very important things even though they are a combination of the alphabet letters, as without them we would not be able to communicate in a verbal way. 12 beautiful words

Today we’re going to focus on some words that have beautiful meanings and that also sound very beautiful when said aloud. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at a list of 12 words that either have a gorgeous meaning or that have a wonderful sound when pronounced .

1. AURORA /ɔːˈrɔː.rə/:

Aurora is a noun and the most common meaning that we give it is the dawn in the early morning or, in other words, the radiation emissions which naturally create a lovely display of colours in the morning sky ✨. We could remember that it’s also the name of the princess from The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. It was also the name given to the Roman goddess of the dawn. Don’t these meanings sound even more beautiful than the actual pronunciation of the word?

2. SERENDIPITY /ˌser.ənˈdɪp.ə.ti/:

The word Serendipity is also a noun which means the developments of events by chance or by accident in a way which is beneficial. I think the meaning of this word is very romantic, but the sound that comes out of your mouth when you pronounce it is even more perfect.

3. PETRICHOR /ˈpet.rɪ.kɔːr/:

Petrichor is another noun, and the meaning of this word is the pleasant, earthy smell that is left behind by the rain. Just reading the sense of the word brings back memories and thoughts to our minds. Who hasn’t felt in their nostrils that distinctive smell after a day of pouring rain?

4. WANDERLUST  /ˈwɒn.də.lʌst/:

Wanderlust is another noun that we have added to our list. It refers to that craving that we sometimes feel to travel ✈, to explore, and to seek adventure. It’s that feeling we get from time to time and that makes our heart ache to visit another country and learn about a new culture. But it doesn’t only have a gorgeous meaning, I believe its pronunciation is also quite beautiful.

5. PLUVIOPHILE /-faɪl/:

Have you ever felt joy and peace of mind while hearing the sound of the rain ☔ tapping against your window? Then you, my friend, are a pluviophile (which is also a noun). Pluviophiles are people who love the rain and feel great enjoyment when it’s pouring down outside.

6. SELENOPHILE /-faɪl/:

This other noun has a very similar meaning to the previous one. Selenophiles are people who love the moon and find joy and peace of mind when looking at it. They find it soothingly captivating. It also sounds quite soothing when pronouncing it, doesn’t it?

7. ETHEREAL /iˈθɪə.ri.əl/:

Ethereal is the first adjective of our list. Something ethereal is something that is extremely delicate and light, something out of this world. It’s something that seems too perfect to be from this world. The same meaning sounds ethereal, but the pronunciation is also very beautiful.

8. MELLIFLUOUS /melˈɪəs/:

Mellifluous is another adjective and it means sweetly or smoothly flowing or something sweet-sounding. I would say that the word mellifluous is kind of mellifluous itself, and that’s called a homological word (which means a word that describes itself).

9. HIRAETH /hiraɪ̯θ/:

Hiraeth is a noun which comes from the Welsh which has no direct translation into the English language. Hiraeth is the feeling of homesickness for a home which you can’t return to or maybe even a home which never really existed. It’s also the feeling of nostalgia and grief ? for the lost places of your past. It sounds just as sad as lovely. 

10. INEFFABLE /ɪˈnef.ə.bəl/:

Ineffable is also an adjective which expresses that something is too great to be expressed in words. Isn’t it a bit ironic trying to express the meaning of something which means that something can’t be expressed? In my opinion, the pronunciation of this word sounds very musical.

11. EPIPHANY /ɪˈpɪf.ən.i/:

Epiphany is the noun which occupies the eleventh place in our list, and its meaning is a moment of sudden revelation, or a sudden, profound idea that occurs to you. Have you ever had a moment like that? Now you know what to call it next time it happens! It also sounds very well when pronounced.

12. LULLABY /ˈlʌl.ə.baɪ/:

The final word in our list is another noun. A lullaby is a quiet, gentle song which is normally sung to make children fall asleep. The name of the word itself sounds very calming and relaxing, and makes you think of something that will help you relax.

So, now that we have finished with our list of 12 beautiful words in the English language, I would like you to tell me which word you find most beautiful. In which order would you place the words if you wanted them to be from the most beautiful to the least? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! 12 beautiful words

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