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City Guide: Las Palmas
City Guide: Las Palmas

What to do when you visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

When I moved to Las Palmas, I loved it, so much gorgeous architecture, a lot of parks and squares and the different beaches. I  know exactly what is worth visiting, so I prepared this guide for you! City Guide: What to visit in Las Palmas

In this guide we will talk you through different time slots in Las Palmas, if you are staying one day or a week, this guide will give you all the details and must visit locations and extra spots to stop for a coffee, delish brunch or dinner. 


◾ Vegueta and Triana

The old town of Las Palmas is a must visit when you are in Las Palmas, a stroll around in the historical streets, visiting the house of Columbus, enjoying the architecture of Gabinete literario, making your way up to Santa Ana Cathedral with an amazing view over the city, strolling through Plaza del Espíritu Santo and visiting the over 130 year old Theatre Perez Galdos. Triana and Vegueta are perfect for a breakfast or lunch  City Guide: What to do in Las Palmas

Some places we recommend: Mr Kale, Allende, 200 gramos, try a Spanish omelette (tortilla) at Midway

Places for coffee lovers ☕: Cafe Regina and Caracolillo 

◾ Las Canteras 

After lunch you can make your way to Las Canteras, this urban beach of 3.1 kilometres will have everything you would want from a beach, a promenade, enough space for a power nap, a playground on the beach, restaurants and bars, views of Tenerife (on a clear day) and mountain views. If you prefer an active afternoon you can walk the whole promenade from Auditorio Alfredo Kraus until El Confital. Make sure you check the agenda of Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, maybe you can even find a concert to your preference. Las Canteras is the location where you can spend the rest of the day and even have dinner or a cocktail while you are there. 

Some restaurants we recommend: Toma pan y moja, Ay Carmela or El Paseo. Here goes also our full list with restaurant recommendations in Las Palmas.

For the coffee lovers we recommend ☕: Café Regina, Lava&Salt, The Couple and Mozart café 

A tip on how to get around Las Palmas: you can travel by bus, bike or take a taxi. If you have more than one day, you can also walk from Triana to Las Canteras. 


◾ Viewpoint Altavista (above Parque Doramas):  

If you are an early morning person, you can go to the viewpoint to watch the sunrise, where you will see the sun rise from the ocean. If you prefer to go there at another time, you will still love the viewpoint, with views to Isleta and the city, both sides of the ocean and combined with a blue sky this location is perfect for a break, maybe even a picnic and of course a photoshoot

◾ Parque Doramas:

On the way down the stairs you will see a gorgeous park in front of you. This park was recently renovated and makes you forget that you are in the middle of a city. Enjoy the different flora species and make sure to check the waterfall

◾ Estadio insular

Making your way down from the viewpoint and walking towards Las Canteras, you will pass the old stadium which is located in the middle of the city, converted to a garden and work out location. You will also find our Language school there: You can come to learn Spanish or just stop by and I’ll show you the beautiful view from our classroom. 

◾ Plaza España 

After this, you can make your way to Plaza España which has been renovated (April 2021) to an open-air theatre


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria also offers nice walks or even hikes: 

◾ El Confital viewpoint

In the evening you can do a small hike up the hill of El Confital and watch the sunset. The climb is small but the views are gorgeous, you see the whole city from above (the opposite side of the viewpoint of day 2).

◾ Las Arenas viewpoint 

If you are an active person you can also do two hikes in one, if you walk underneath the bridge of Las Arenas and you follow the dirt track until the distribution centre of firgas water, you can take the right path all the way up the mountain, this is also a viewpoint where you can see the whole beach.  

◾ Monumento el Atlante

If you want to see Las Canteras from afar but you don’t want to walk up the hill, this viewpoint is perfect, a small 15 minute walk here and you will be amazed by the view. There are benches for a small rest to enjoy the ocean and Las Canteras. 

◾ La Laja

If you prefer a beach that is not that busy nor has too many facilities you should definitely go to La Laja. This beach is located close to Vegueta and also has natural pools. The waves also make this beach perfect for surfing. (It is also possible to walk/ cycle here if you want to be active).

◾ Shopping 

Definitely do some shopping if you have some time left. Due to the Canary Island tax climate most shops are cheaper than in the rest of Europe. There are several shopping malls that are worth visiting like: Las Arenas, Los Alisios and Las Terrazas. Also check out El Corte Inglés (outlet store) and Calle Triana. 


◾ Day Trip to the north or to the south from San Telmo

There are Global buses to every village on the island from San Telmo station: 

  • to the north – Galdar and Agaete: 

When you are in Las Palmas for more than three days and it is definitely possible to do a morning or afternoon trip to another location, I would recommend Agaete and/or Galdar. These towns are located north of Las Palmas and are very picturesque. The road to the towns is already worth the trip and the towns also have several natural pools

  • to the south – Anfi/ Maspalomas / Mogan: 

If you prefer to have a warm beach day and do a bit of exploring, I would recommend going to Maspalomas and Mogán. The town of Mogán is a picturesque town and perfect for a stroll around. Anfi del Mar is tourist built but perfect for a beach afternoon with its white beaches and crystal clear water; you will forget that you are still in Spain. Maspalomas is the centre of tourism on the island, there are a few must visits such as the dunes and the lighthouse. Make sure you wear sunscreen and bring enough water when you go to the dunes.  Also the sunset in the dunes or at Maspalomas beach is worth it!


Which location is your favorite in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria? Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Instagram @travel_gran_canaria & @nikateacher !! 

City Guide: What to do in Las Palmas

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