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Spanish classes in Las Palmas

Are you wondering why you should have Spanish classes in Las Palmas at the language school NikaTeacher?

NikaTeacher offers you the best methodology to learn Spanish. You can now learn Spanish as a foreign language online or in person at our academy in Las Palmas. Our aim is to show you that learning a language is fun and exciting. And when done whole-heartedly and enthusiastically, the results are extraordinary.

Our classes

There are many aspects that make our Spanish classes unique:

We work hard to get the best out of you. Moreover, we will provide you with all the materials you need – no need to buy any books.

We are flexible when it comes to the timetable. We can easily arrange your Spanish classes to fit around your daily routine. That way you can enjoy Gran Canaria or wherever you may be to the fullest.

NikaTeacher uses an intensive and immersive approach to the process of learning, making you enthusiastic about wanting to work hard.
You will be able to experience the results in no time.
Online Spanish classes have even more advantages. We believe in immediately applying and using everything you learn during the classes.

Get in touch with us to start your Spanish classes in Las Palmas de GC.

Our team

I, Nika, have gained extensive experience as a teacher, which has enabled me to know what works and what doesn’t.

My team of highly motivated teachers and I have the desire of »making a difference« and helping you learn as much as possible, within the least amount of time.

We are sure you will love having Spanish classes at our language school in Las Palmas or online with one of our amazing teachers. Also, we believe that learning language is the most important skill to take into account when thinking about your future, both on a personal, as well as, professional level. Our native and experienced teachers will guide you through the learning process

Plus, we love and thrive with having the responsibility of teaching you.

Why learn with us?

We would be thrilled to hear from you

If you would like more information or have any questions about your online Spanish classes, feel free to call +34 617 948 166, or send us an email at We work hard with all our students to achieve their goals. We know that respectfulness and honesty are the foundation on which to build successful learning. Together we will make a great team!

Make a decision. Feel the language. Learn.

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