Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria has amazing sunsets 🌇 and also many locations to watch the sunset. Personally, I love watching the sunset because it is different every evening and you get to see the most beautiful colours. Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria

Today I will share with you my Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria. Moreover, bear in mind I picked these locations because they are also perfect at golden hour?

1.    Roque Nublo

This is probably the most popular sunset location due to the amazing views. At Roque Nublo you feel like you’re on top of the world, not only can you see Maspalomas and Las Palmas in the distance, you also have an amazing view of the Teide 🗻 (the highest mountain in Spain which is located in Tenerife). 

2.    Las Canteras beach

The urban 3,1 km long beach combined with restaurants and the ocean make this location perfect for a sunset dinner or sunset swim 🏊. 

3.    Dunes of Maspalomas

The dunes are another great sunset location. The dunes combined with the sunset give amazing colours schemes, so perfect for a sunset photoshoot. Also, it’s perfect for a sunset picnic! (Important: Be aware of the new walking paths, if you don’t follow the paths, you could get fined).

4.    Mirador del Balcón

This viewpoint is located at the GC-200. With the dragon tail mountains 🐉 on one side and the views of Agaete and the road on the other. The sunset appears right in front of you which gives you the front row seats. Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful gift from Mother Nature

5.    Natural pools Agaete

After a day of tanning and swimming 😎 in the natural pools, there is only one perfect way to end it: yes, you guessed it, with a sunset.

Amazing views in combination with the calm natural pools make the sunset in Agaete spectacular.

Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria

6.    Faro de Maspalomas

The active lighthouse of Maspalomas has a height of 56 metres, this monument is a must watch sunset location because of the concrete tower combined with the sunset colours. 

7.    Tamadaba

The 7,500 hectares of nature that is Tamadaba park 🏞 has many sunset watching locations, probably the best location is the viewpoint in the middle of the park where you can stand on a platform and catch the views of agaete and the ocean.

Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria

8.    Puerto Rico

This town located in the south of Gran Canaria has gorgeous sunsets, the dark purple and pink colours will make you think that your eyes have a filter on. Make sure to catch a sunset after a beach day 🏖.

9.    Taurito

This is another sunset location in the south of the island. You can have a seat on your terrace and just enjoy the beautiful sunset 😍.

10. Tejeda

Last but not least: Tejeda, this town and its surrounding landscapes is also one of the top 10 sunset locations. After a day of road tripping or hiking, you can have a barbeque or a picnic at the designated places and enjoy your dinner with an amazing sunset.

Top 10 places to watch the sunset on Gran Canaria

This time we have a call to action for you: if you like taking photos, this week you should go and watch at least one sunset, take a photo of it and tag us (@travel_gran_canaria and @nikateacher) 😊.

Enjoy your week!

Nika & Elise

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