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Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Las Palmas

Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Las Palmas: Enchiladas, burritos, tacos and “mucho más” are now available in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. When I moved here in 2013 there were basically no Mexican restaurants. Real margarita on the rocks and enchiladas were something I could only get on my trips to Mexico. But things have changed! The city of Las Palmas de GC now offers real Mexican cuisine and after traveling to Mexico 4 times, I can tell you their taste is real!

1   Ay Carmela

If you want a proper Mexican taco while watching an amazing sunset in Las Canteras, Ay Carmela is the place to go.

Patricia will prepare an incredible margarita for you (I always order the basic, lime margarita – on the rocks, but have to admit she also prepares an awesome normal icy one!).  

Food to order: enchiladas suizas (picante) and Pedro absolutely loves el taco Gobernador.

Nachos with guacamole are delicious and as I said, apart from their amazing service, it’s the view that makes this restaurant so special. When I say amazing service I mean it! 

You can’t make a reservation there, but they are very effective in organizing the tables, so in case it’s full, they will write your name down and you can have a swim in the sea while you are waiting. They will call you when it’s your turn!

Mexican Restaurants

Ay Carmela Mexican Restaurants

2   La Picantina 

Mmmm, as I’m a big fan of enchiladas and proper Mexican cuisine, that’s my place for celebrating a birthday or having a lovely lunch or dinner in Mexican style. 

They are outstanding! Their food reminds me of my trip to Valladolid and Ciudad de México. They are near Santa Catalina Square and I do suggest making a reservation just in case. The food is delicious and what I love about their dishes is that they come with rice, a lot of vegetables and amazing sauces.

It’s amazing to see Jose and Marco working: I still remember them from when they started!

I would even say their restaurant was the first proper Mexican restaurant in town. They opened a tiny little restaurant with some tables very near Farray some and I won’t forget he would always invite me for a margarita shot when I would go there to pick up my order.  

As they have moved to a new, bigger place, I’m now eating there with mine and Pedro’s family and we changed the margarita shots for the ones with tequila!

Food to order: You will absolutely love the chilaquiles, enchilada, and the burrito. 


3   Nopal Tex Mex

Oh Nopal, I could eat there every day! Nopal is all about Burrito to take away or burrito bowl to take home or to the beach and eat it while enjoying your Saturday beach day. You can also sit at their place and enjoy your food there.

Some of our Spanish students tell me they miss Nopal as their daily lunch place.

Yelika, Julian y Nani make it all with heart and so much energy and the best thing is that they are so oriented to details. They will always make sure to write a beautiful note that makes your day a bit happier somewhere next to the food.

The service is fast, the food is healthy and it’s all done with love.


4   Tiki Tako

Tiki Tako is a new Mexican cantina and is just next to my language school NikaTeacher! As there are not many places around, I know this will be my new fav lunch spot when I have to grab something quickly in between classes.

Taco for 1 euro, Mexican taste, great, authentic decoration and lovely staff.

They are fast, nice and the taste of the food is incredible.

Food to order: 1 taco of each type:)


5   Gallo Negro – Triana

A beautiful Méxican restaurant in the middle of Triana. It’s a very nice restaurant where you should definitely go with a reservation as it gets full very quickly!

Food to order: My favourite dishes are Tacos Culiacan and Flautas de Cochinita. They offer great dish options based on fish (ceviche and aguachile) and also seafood (prawns). It’s a great option to eat in this restaurant if you are visiting Triana/Vegueta and need some “picante”.

Gallo Feliz
Gallo Feliz

 Yes, I’m a great fan of Mexican food and I’m really happy to be able to experience all these amazing restaurants! And if you want to be able to order in Spanish, book some classes with us here! 🙂

Ay Carmela

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