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Top 5 natural pools on Gran Canaria
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In this blog I will be talking about (probably) one of the most wonderful things on the Canary Islands. When you are coming to the Canary Islands, you CAN’T miss this. These natural creations give ‘beach day’ or ‘swimming in the ocean’ a completely different meaning. I am talking about natural pools. The island has a lot of natural pools which can make it difficult to choose. Long story short, all of the natural pools are worth visiting, but you would need a lot of time, so I will talk about my top 5 natural pools on Gran Canaria

Firstly, let me explain what a natural pool actually is: 

A natural pool is a part of the ocean which is shielded with rocks from the waves and which makes the shielded part function as a pool with ocean water. When there is a high tide, the waves are higher than the rocks which bring fresh water into the pools. When the tide goes down, the waves don’t make it over the barrier anymore, which makes the pool a safe and calm place to swim or snorkel

The barriers of the natural pools are created by erosion of the volcanic rock. Combine this with clear blue water and a sunny day and there you have the perfect beach day. These pools are perfect for people who enjoy the sea more than the sand (like me).

It was very difficult to choose the top 5 natural pools, but bearing in mind that many of you are only coming here on holiday, I listed the most important ones. If you think any natural pools that are a must visit are missing, please comment on them down below.

1. Agaete:

Probably the most famous natural pools on the island. The pools are quite big which makes these pools perfect for a ‘beach day’. The rocks surrounding the pools are easy to lie on. Combine this with sun and clear water and you will definitely enjoy the Piscinas Naturales in Agaete

top 5 natural pools

2. Piscinas y playa de Punta de Gáldar:

In low tide, the natural pools are perfect for a swim and a moment to relax. With enough space to relax and enjoy a pool day, I would definitely recommend visiting them. 

3. Roque Prieto:

Another popular location for the locals to go to at the weekend. The flat floor and easy access make this pool perfect to go to with children. In the low tide, the pool warms up which is a plus, especially when you visit during the winter. 

4. Piscinas de la Laja:

Next to La Laja beach, there are natural pools, which are a great option to go for a swim in with kids. The pool doesn’t have waves, making it perfect for a stress-less beach day. Plus, you can also combine: a walk on the sandy beach La Laja and then have a swim in the natural pool. 

5. Los Charcones en el Puertillo:

This pool has the ultimate holiday vibe, surrounded by restaurants and a promenade. Usually, there is no wind here which makes the pool attractive even when there are some clouds in the sky. 

After some insights about these gorgeous natural pools, have you figured out which one is your favorite? We are curious about your must see natural pools on the island, so let us know in the comments below where you will be going next. 

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Elise & Nika

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