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Top 5 towns in the South/middle of Gran Canaria
Top 5 towns in the South/middle of Gran Canaria

If you have seen last month’s blog and were wondering if we would make a part two of the must see towns on Gran Canaria, today is your lucky day! We have made a ‘must visit’ towns part 2 just for you! 

If you are staying in Las Palmas and want to head south, once you pass the airport, there are going to be several towns to visit, some on the coast, others up in the mountains. 

Some of the must visit towns are: Arguineguín, Mogán (puerto and pueblo), Agüimes, Ingenio, you can also stop in Puerto Rico, Arguineguin, Tunte or Fataga.

We want you to know there are not only beautiful beaches in the south of the island but also great towns where you can disconnect and enjoy a completely different vibe.

1   Aguïmes

The first town is Aguïmes. An old town close to the airport, which has buildings that are over 300 years old and are still intact. Discover the history of the town in the historic quarter of the town. The Aguïmes History Museum, which used to be a palace, is open to the public to discover the exhibitions that are displayed in the different rooms.

You should definitely try: La Tarteria de Agüimes

Aguïmes Top 5 towns in the South/middle of Gran Canaria


2   Puerto de Mogán

The second town that I want to talk to you about is Puerto de Mogán, this town has the nickname: Little Venice due to the canals through the streets. This picturesque town is probably the most visited town on the island and definitely worth strolling through. Its colourful houses and flowers make this town look like a movie set, the harbour with clear blue water and the boats give you the peaceful holiday atmosphere. Make sure to wear an outfit that fits with the colourful houses as this is the perfect location for an instagram photo! 

Restaurant tip: Mi Vida, located in the harbour.


3   Pueblo de Mogán

The third town has almost the same name as Puerto de Mogan but is in a different location. 

Mogán town or Pueblo the Mogán has many plantations such as banana or mango plantations. At the entrance of the town you will find an authentic windmill which is cool to see! The town of Mogán is small but very picturesque. 

If you want to discover a bit of the sights close to Pueblo de Mogán, make sure to check out Los Azulejos! 


4  Tunte

The fourth town I will tell you about is Tunte. This town is known for its olive oil and wine farms. Explore the square and the church as well as all the small streets where you will find the most beautiful houses. There is also a great view point at the entrance of the town.


5   Ingenio

Located close to the airport lies the fifth town that I want to talk to you about: Ingenio. This town has many historical buildings and is a town that is still very local. In the town you can do a (private) tour. During this tour you will discover the local church, a museum, a local cheese farm & bakery and many more locations. Close to Ingenio you also have the Cuatro Puertas, these are caves where the local inhabitants used to live. 


There is one more town you cannot forget when you are visiting the island and that is:

6   Artenara

This town is located in the centre of the island, with its rich history and many viewpoints, it is definitely worth a visit! Mirador de Unamuno has amazing views and while you are there you can also learn some fun facts about the town! Did you know there is also a restaurant with an amazing view? It is called: Restaurante La Cilla, and believe me, you want to get a drink there!  Another amazing viewpoint is: Mirador del Corazon de Jesus, here you have a 360 degree angle of the town and the amazing views! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and it helped you discover our beautiful island! Check out part one of our must visit towns here: Top 5 towns in the north of Gran Canaia 

Let us know which town is your favourite! For any other questions or doubts feel free to DM @travel_gran_canaria  on Instagram! 


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