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Waterfalls on Gran Canaria

When I arrived in Gran Canaria, I didn’t know that there are waterfalls on Gran Canaria but there indeed are several locations with waterfalls here. In this blog I will tell you about them. 

DISCLAIMER: Most of the waterfalls are only there when it has recently rained, so for these I would recommend, you explore them in winter when we have the most rainfall. 

There are only 2 that have water all year round and I will start with those. 

Barranco de Cernicalos

An easy hike through this evergreen ravine (barranco in Spanish) will make you forget that you are on an island. In this ravine there are 3 waterfalls, but the first one is the one that is easiest accessible and this waterfall can look like the end of the ravine, but there are 2 more later on.
As this ravine is provided with water all year around, it’s a popular location for people to go, enjoy nature and have a picnic for example.
For all the hiking details, you can check out our previous blog.

Barranco de Azuaje

The second waterfall is located near Firgas. This waterfall is also a lot closer to the parking area than Cernicalos. The waterfall is less spectacular as it is a lot smaller but the good thing is that it also has water all year around. Before seeing the waterfall you will also pass by an old Spa building which is also interesting to see. It’s a nice area to walk and is also very green because of the small stream that goes through the ravine. Make sure to wear shoes that can get dirty/wet as you will have to cross the stream.
If you start your hike in Firgas, you’ll also be able to enjoy a great viewpoint. 

Charco Azul

The third waterfall I will tell you about is one that is only there when it has recently rained. 

Charco Azul is a waterfall with a small pond in front of it. You can park the car in El Risco and from there the route has signs all the way to the waterfall. The walk is around 40 minutes because after the first 20 minutes there is no official walking path and you will go over stones. The route is not too difficult but make sure you look where you are stepping.  

Charco de la Paloma

The last waterfall I will talk about in this blog is also a waterfall that is only there when it has recently rained. This waterfall is located close to Tejeda. And you can easily park at ‘the basket’ or ‘ la cesta’ and from there it is about a 10-minute walk. It’s a great experience as all the tourists usually get to Tejeda, but if you explore just a little further, you get to this amazing scenic view from La Cesta and then also see a pretty big waterfall. The access is quite easy and even though there are no signs, you will see the path that will lead you to the waterfall.

Extra info:

  • All these waterfalls are located on google maps with the exact location. 
  • Make sure to wear proper footwear when going to these locations 

I hope this blog helped you in your search for the waterfalls! If you have any other questions regarding this or any other location on Gran Canaria. Feel free to send me a DM on @ travel_gran_canaria.

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