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Learn Spanish online
Learn Spanish Online

Today I want to address my blog post to all of our learners who would like to learn Spanish online either if you are in The Canary Islands or from your cozy sofa with a cup of coffee in one hand, your computer, tablet or an iPhone and a super nice notebook for all the new expressions and grammar rules I’ll teach you in the other one.

1- Learn Spanish online

As you already know, I love my job and appreciate everything I learn when teaching you. I especially appreciate all the love you share with me (for my birthday I was given breakfast from my Irish student and dessert from my Spanish student which just made my day!!! Thanks Eve and Laura! <3)

So, let’s get down to business. We offer online Spanish courses for business owners, Erasmus students and other foreigners who want to learn Spanish online

At NikaTeacerh we work on small online groups and online private lessons on a daily basis. In our language school we meet so many great students who are full of energy, know exactly what they want in their lives and who also know how important it is to speak languages! Contact us here to get more information about our courses. 

Learn Spanish Online
Learn Spanish Online

2- Learn Spanish online: our courses

You can learn Spanish online in different ways via Skype. There are different online classes:

  1. 45- minute private classes
  2. 60- minute private classes
  3. 60-minute small group classes

Which is your preference? Contact us for more information here. 

¿Hablas español? Spanish classes- Learn Spanish in Las Palmas Gran Canaria

All our students inspire us and last week we met 2 of our students to have a coffee in the sunset in Las Canteras, to speak about the importance of learning languages.

3- Why learn Spanish online at NikaTeacher?

Tine, a 25-year old PE student is getting ready for the Ironman competition in Vichy (France) and speaks 3 languages (Slovenian, English and Italian) fluently. He chose Las Palmas to improve his Spanish and to take advantage of the great weather we have here on the island. He is aware of the importance of speaking languages as he has been in several situations where knowing a language helped him get to know another culture better. He prefers online lessons because of his timetable. 

Jernej, a 21-year old Physics student living in Berlin, had been having Skype lessons with NikaTeacher for one year then took a month long vacation in Fuerteventura and visited me on the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria before continuing with his online Spanish learning. He has just passed his B1 exam at the Free University in Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin). He loves traveling and meeting new people, thus he always makes a special effort to learn something new while he is on holiday.

As already mentioned – I teach, but I also learn and that is why I love my job so much!

Learn Spanish Online
Learn Spanish Online

These are hundreds of students out there who have brought a lot of new energy into my life this year and I would be pleased to know your story! Why would you like to learn Spanish online? 

To share your WHY, just to say hi or to book online courses, contact us on:, send us a whatsapp on +34 617 948 166. 

Have a lovely day!


Photo: Fotógrafo en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Aljosa Petric

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Como siempre, también tenemos una sorpresa para ti: Inscríbete en nuestra newsletter y recibirás nuestra guía gratuita con los 5 tips para mejorar tu inglés.