3 Tips to answer the question: Am I ready to take the exam?

ready to take the exam

3 tips to answer THE question: Am I ready to take the exam?

Are you preparing for a specific exam? If you are, then most probably this question will come to your mind: Am I ready to take the exam? Today we bring you 3 tips to answer this question.😁

Tip 1: Think objectively about your skills and weaknesses

It’s important to get to know your own abilities in relation to the exam. When you’re in one of our exam preparation classes, everything your teacher prepares for you will help you acquire knowledge and skills which will be evaluated in your exams.

If you’ve been taking an exam class for some time, you’ve probably found yourself in the situation where you’ve been taught something (a grammatical structure, a verb tense, vocabulary…), you’ve understood it and done your exercises correctly, but later on  you didn’t remember it or you made mistakes when you tried to use it! 🗣

This probably means that you haven’t yet fully assimilated that lesson. If this happens to you often, it might mean you need to revise what you’ve learnt in depth and keep practicing before you take the exam. You need to keep practicing what you learn in class so you won’t forget it and you’ll be ready to take the exam.

If you don’t have problems with what you’ve learned and you feel you have a good grasp of the contents you’ve been taught, congrats! But even so, you can check the following tips number 2 and 3 . 👇🏻

Tip 2: Practice exams to get ready to take the exam

After you do an objective auto-evaluation you might feel a few things. You can feel prepared for your exam or unsure of what to think about your skills and weaknesses. If you’re not feeling confident, you can ask your teacher to give you an exam to try at home. 🏡

If you’re getting good grades and you practice exams at home, it’s clearly a good sign! It’s very important to identify where you went wrong and correct those mistakes. For example, if you’ve made a mistake building or identifying a conditional sentence and you’ve already leaned this in class, go back to your notes and work on the lesson a bit more. Make sure to always ask your teacher if you’ve got doubts or if there’s anything you don’t understand.👩🏻‍🏫

When your practice exams are turning out well, then it’s time for you to take a mock exam. The mock exam is like a practice exam, but you take it in our school under exam conditions: you get the exact timing as in the real exam, you write in silence and with no help. This will give you a clear picture how you function in exam conditions.

Tip 3: Ask your teacher for advice to be ready to take the exam

Our final tip is to ask your teacher for advice. We work with you, we see your progress and we’ll be able to advise you. If we think you aren’t ready yet, we can help you see what to improve. If we think you are ready, remember we help you throughout the whole inscription process. 👌

You’re more than welcome to get in contact with us if you’ve got any questions, suggestions or experiences or ideas to share!

On the photo: our beautiful Steefy. Photo: YesFilms.


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