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2 perfect ways to learn English
2 perfect ways to learn English, language acadamy, english classes

At NikaTeacher, we take your learning experience seriously, whether you are learning English to pass an exam or learning to just simply improve your English.

✔️Cambridge exams in Las Palmas 

To be honest, studying for an exam takes time, there’s a lot to take in and even though we are great teachers, we can’t wave a magic wand, you need to study.

We know exactly what is required for an exam whether it’s PET B1, FCE B2, or CAE C1, we cover all four skills, (reading / use of English, writing, speaking and listening) thoroughly and we won’t recommend you take the exam until we know you are totally ready. We have a copious amount of exam practice papers so there will be plenty of preparation to give you heaps of confidence when you finally take that exam.

If you are in a rush to pass your exam, we can cater for your needs; you can do an intensive course or take individual classes. If you are not in a hurry, you can study at your own pace, again individual or group classes are available.

✔️No exam – no problem 💭

If you are learning for fun or to improve your English, we still take your learning experience seriously, and we still practice the four skills.

Speaking could involve a group debate or role play exercises, this can be so much fun and a great way to practice for everyday situations. Our classes are focused on speaking; you will learn new vocabulary and then have plenty of chances to practice it.  Speaking can vary from giving directions to climate change, we have a whole range of topics you can cover. 🗣

Reading. This is a great way for us to check your pronunciation and for you to learn new vocabulary. The articles we use are really interesting and there is always a question / answer piece to check for comprehension. 📖

Writing. As you are studying to improve your English and not for an exam, writing usually involves a fun email or a short story, don’t panic we won’t make you write a report on the current economic climate unless you want to. 🙈💪🏻

Listening. I struggle with listening when I’m learning Spanish so I sympathise when students find it difficult, so slowly slowly we practice.  Listening can also include watching an interesting video, again questions and answers to confirm comprehension.  After you’ve learnt a certain topic with new vocabulary and grammar you will be surprised how much you understand when you finish with a listening task!  Have a look at this useful website, it has different levels of listening plus topics and there is a transcript too if you are really struggling:

Like exam learning, you can choose how many classes you want to do whether you prefer intensive classes or a class once a week, it’s your choice.

So, if you want to pass that all important exam or want to learn English for fun, get in touch, we are happy to answer any questions.

Now, we want to hear from you. Have you ever done an exam? If so, let us now, because we want to speak to you and share your experience with the audience.

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Como siempre, también tenemos una sorpresa para ti: Inscríbete en nuestra newsletter y recibirás nuestra guía gratuita con los 5 tips para mejorar tu inglés.