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What does Louise keep in her bag?
What does Louise keep in her bag?

What do I keep in my bag?

My mum once said to me, ‘You have more bags than I have knickers’, she may be right, but I do love a bag (and shoes).  Some people have called me Mary Poppins, because it seems I have an abundance of things in my bag.  My yoga teacher says my posture is lopsided because I carry my huge bag of tricks on my left shoulder more than my right, so I corrected that by carrying two bags, sometimes, as a teacher, it’s a necessity.

So Mary Poppins, what’s in your bag I hear you say?  Big shout out to Cristina at NikaTeacher here as I know she’s dying to know 😁

Let’s start with the important thing, choosing a bag. I like a pocket on the outside, preferably zipped, for keys, so I can access them quickly and not scrabble around in the bottom of my bag when I’m home or at work and it’s chucking it down with rain.  I also like a couple of pockets on the inside, one for my phone, again easy access and another for small things like lip salve.

So in my bag in no particular order, my purse, I never go anywhere without my purse (well apart from walking the dog).  Mobile phone, placed in the handy side pocket.  Two sets of keys in the outside pocket, home/office and car keys.  OK that’s the important stuff over with. 🔑

I have three ‘containers/small cases’, one for sunglasses, one for reading glasses (yes I’m ancient) 🤓 and one for headphones/earphones, why, so I can listen to podcasts on my phone on long bus journey’s to Las Palmas. Here’s a tip if you want to practice your English listening:

Nail file, a lady should always carry a nail file💅🏼 😉.  All important diary, because I’m old fashioned and like to see what I’m doing on paper, I also use it to write down new Spanish vocabulary that I’ve learnt that day.  Spare bag for shopping, say to no plastic, guys!  Paracetamol, definitely a must.

I never ever go out without chewing gum, if you ever need gum, come and ask me. 👏🏻As mentioned earlier, not one but two lip salves (because variety is the spice of life).  I also carry a small bottle of perfume, not for me but if ever I have to go to a public toilet (which I detest) I can give it a little spray beforehand.  A packet of tissues, for the same reason.

So finally, a small tube of hand cream, hang on, I’m literally scrabbling around in my bag to see what’s at the bottom, ah yes of course three pens, one for marking (funky pink colour) normal blue and my favourite colour, purple.  And finally, some old receipts and, oh yes a sachet of sugar, probably for coffee emergencies. 😍

So that explains my lopsided posture but all of those things I can’t function without, well maybe the hand cream but never the gum!

Do you have anything in your bag you can’t live without (write it in the comments below 👇🏻), or have a look and see if there’s anything in there you had forgotten about, you might be surprised.😇


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Como siempre, también tenemos una sorpresa para ti: Inscríbete en nuestra newsletter y recibirás nuestra guía gratuita con los 5 tips para mejorar tu inglés.