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Podcasts to learn English
Podcasts to learn English, learn English, aprender ingles

Today we are going to talk about a very different and fun way of learning English 🇬🇧: by listening to podcasts!

Podcasts have become increasingly popular 😍 over this last decade, with a great variety to choose from. We will talk about them and I will give you some reasons and advantages that will make you want to give them a try 😁.

Why should you learn English through podcasts?

Over the past few years, podcasts have become a new and easy way of learning things, such as History, Science, traveling, Philosophy… rather than the usual and traditional way of doing it through textbooks 📚. This way you can learn anywhere and at any time, you just have to be able to listen to the recordings 🎧 (which you can also have previously downloaded, so no need for the internet) and it won’t even interfere with your everyday activities! You can listen to them while working 👔 at the office, on the bus 🚌, cooking 👩‍🍳, taking your dog for a walk 🐶…

Thanks to podcasts, you can finish your English lessons 👩‍🏫 and then go home and keep practicing your listening skills as well as your fluency and speaking skills. And you don’t have to worry if you have trouble understanding some things 🤔, you can rewind or listen again to it if you need or want to, or even take a look at the transcript 📄!

Another great thing about learning through podcasts is that you don’t only have to listen to recordings going on and on about grammar (which can be very boring 😨); you can always choose a topic you’re interested in and listen to it in English. This way you are learning about two things at the same time 🤗!

The best part of learning English through podcasts is that you won’t have to pay for them, as the vast majority of these are completely free 💸!

What are the best podcasts to learn English?

Below you’ll find a list with some of the best podcast stations 📻, and a short description which will let you know what you can learn and the topics they will cover:

  • 6-minute English by BBC ― A 6-minute podcast which will include a discussion about a certain topic (they cover a great variety of topics). It will introduce new vocabulary which you’ll find useful when you want to talk about this particular subject!
  • The English We Speak ― A 3-minute podcast which focuses on idioms and common expressions used in English! This one will explain how to use them in context 😊, which will help you expand your knowledge of the English language used day-to-day!
  • Learn English Podcasts ― These podcasts are made by the British Council and are great for elementary to intermediate learners. You will listen to everyday situations, which will help you acquire vocabulary that you’ll be able to use on a daily basis. They also provide you with free support materials, such as different exercises to test your understanding of the recording and to continue practicing.
  • Serial ― If you like crime stories 🕵️ and are obsessed with watching crime series, you’ll love these podcasts! You will listen to a journalist who revisits crimes and gives us her own perspective based on her research. These will mostly help you with your listening and pronunciation skills and keep you hooked thanks to its interesting topics.
  • Comedy Bang Bang ― In these podcasts you’ll hear different and funny conversations between the host and different famous comedians he invites to the programme. It will surely make you have a good laugh 😂 while developing your skills in English!
  • Global News by BBC ― With these podcasts you’ll be able to improve your English while listening to real news. This way you can learn vocabulary and listen to people talking in English as well as getting to know whatever is going on around the world nowadays.

How can listening to podcasts become an effective way of learning and improving my English?

Of course, listening to podcasts in English every once in a while, won’t miraculously improve your skills in this language! You have to try hard to make it a habit to listen to them, even trying to insert them into your daily routine 🚴.

And always remember:

  1. Nothing that really matters ever comes in an easy way! 🤗 Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t understand everything after listening to a few podcasts. Continue doing it and you’ll notice an improvement in a few weeks.
  2. Try to find podcasts that will make you want to listen to more of them 🤔. As I said before you don’t have to just listen to boring recordings talking about grammar, look for one that talks about something you love and are passionate about 😍 and you’ll become addicted to them!
  3. You can always listen to them with the transcript 📄 in front of you. This will help you understand it better and help you learn how to pronounce new words!
  4. There are millions of podcasts, adapted to all the different levels of English 🇬🇧. Try to start with the most basic ones and when you notice they are becoming easier for you, look for one of a higher level and test yourself 🥰!

And you know, another way you can review English is by looking at our blog. Check out the posts which will help you understand better how to use certain English structures or which help you understand better some vocabulary which you may find a bit difficult!

Nika and I invite you to take action now 😊. Have a look at them and let us know which seems to be the most appropriate for your needs. Tell us about your choice in the comments below. 

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