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Saving the planet at NikaTeacher
Saving the planet at NikaTeacher

Saving the Planet at NikaTeacher

At NikaTeacher, the environment is a ‘hot topic’ for all levels of students; it’s a great conversation subject and might be used in the speaking part of the exam, so read on for some useful tips and vocabulary.

Also at NikaTeacher, our students are offered water from bottles that we recycle, we use paper cups which we also recycle, all our used paper is recycled, and you may notice, Cristina, Jennifer, Nika and I all drink from reusable bottles so there is less waste. 👏🏻

Some important data

Around the globe every minute, we buy a million plastic bottles, a million disposable cups and two million plastic bags. Across the world only 11% of plastic is recycled. Currently the focus is still on producing new plastic rather than recycling it; if attitudes don’t change, it’s estimated that annual plastic production in 2050 will have increased by 500%.

I watched a harrowing documentary on the BBC a few weeks ago called ‘Drowning in Plastic’; I know climate change is happening and plastic is pretty evil but what I didn’t know was that sea birds are mistaking plastic that is dumped into the sea for food and it’s killing them!

I could go on about how much we are damaging the planet, but I hope that most of you know this already and are acting to do something about it.  At the house of Louise and Terry, we are constantly trying to find ways to reduce waste and particularly plastic.

At Louise’s house

We have stopped buying bottled water!  When I realised that the tap water here is drinkable, we immediately stopped buying big plastic bottles of water and invested in a water filter, it’s amazing.  The water tastes fine and so far, no upset stomachs.  (However, I do have a cast iron constitution). It’s one less thing to remember when we go shopping, and I have a terrible memory, so win win!  Speaking of shopping, we never use plastic bags;

We have bags in bags in bags so we don’t need extra bags. 

Now say that last sentence again but quicker.

We no longer use liquid soap or shower gel; yes yes we DO wash cheeky!  We now use bars of soap and have reduced plastic waste by about 70% in our house.  Plastic ‘pump action’ bottles cannot be recycled, this is one of the main reasons we stopped using them.

We also collect our water when having a shower (see, I told you we washed).  As we are waiting for the water to ‘warm up’ we collect it and use it to water our garden, this not only saves water, but our water bill is cheaper too!  We are lucky to have a garden, but if you don’t, you

Hippies drink tea 🙂

can use the spare water for your house plants, or even cleaning.

We recycle, sometimes a little too much, I was taking the recycling the other day and found an empty tube of toothpaste 🙈, so I had to have a little discussion with boyfriend about the do’s and don’ts of recycling.  We keep most of our jars and use them for storage; we’ve painted little blackboards on the jars so we can write what’s in them.  Ingenious!


We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables which we buy from the market in Santa Brigida so everything is produced locally with no air miles. If anybody knows where I can get small mesh reusable bags (instead of using supermarket plastic bags for fruit and veg) please let me know, I will love you forever!  We also compost which will help our garden grow even better and has reduced our rubbish by about 80%.

Animals and the planet

Even Jua dog is saving the planet. When we take her for a walk, we pick up any litter and put it in the bin (I am shocked at how much litter there is here). Also, sorry if you are eating whilst reading this but, her poop goes into bio-degradable poop bags, what a good girl.  And finally, the pets’ fur is thrown outside so the birds can use it to make nests.

So there you go, little things will make a big difference.  What are you doing to save the planet, or do you have any more tips for our house of hippies?😎🌎

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