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Spanish language exams DELE
Spanish language exams DELE

In today’s blog, I’ll present the Spanish language exams DELE 📝 and explain what they are, why you should do them and how to pass the exams 🤩. I’ll also share my experience of working at Instituto Cervantes in my home country, Slovenia 🇸🇮.

My experience working in Instituto Cervantes in Slovenia

I’m finishing my master’s degree 🎓 in Spanish language at the University of Ljubljana 🏫, in Slovenia. Last semester I chose to complete a practical placement that counts as an optative subject at my faculty. I worked at Instituto Cervantes in Ljubljana, which is one of many similar institutions in charge of promoting and spreading the Spanish language throughout the world 🌍. I was predominantly working on the promotion of the DELE exams and I really enjoyed the fact that work had to be completed in pairs. My colleague and I had to translate explanatory materials from Spanish to Slovenian and we also prepared a presentation for high school students👩🏻‍🎓, informing them about the possibility of doing the DELE exams. I liked the experience very much because it was a new challenge 💪🏻 and I was working in a very friendly and Spanish-speaking environment.

What is DELE and what should you know before you apply

DELE (“Diploma de español lengua extranjera”) exams are the official exams that award you a certificate 📜, which proves your level of Spanish. There are different levels that you can obtain: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. I suggest you take a look at the official site of Instituto Cervantes Spain, find your city and see what’s required for certain levels. You can also check for the dates 📆 of exams in your city. Here’s the website of Ljubljana’s center, where you can see the description of required levels. You can read them in Slovenian or Spanish. If you live in Gran Canaria 🇮🇨, we will provide more information for you: you just have to ask.

And the best part of the DELE exam is this: if you pass the exam now ✅, your certificate is valid forever and you don’t have to pass the exam again 😁. Once you’ve achieved a certain level, you’re certified on this level for eternity 🧓🏻! So, the first benefit is unlimited validity and here you can see some other benefits from obtaining DELE Certificate:

·        It has an unlimited validity

·        It’s an official document that is recognized internationally 🌍

·        All versions of Spanish are applicable (e.g. Mexican Spanish)

·    It provides access to universities, official language schools 🏫, business schools and public administration jobs 👩🏻‍💼 in Spain

·      The exams are consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Here in Las Palmas there is no center Instituto Cervantes but it is possible to take the DELE exams. And if you don’t know how to make all this process on your own 🤔 then we have a solution for you. If you take a course of Spanish with us, then besides the classes, we will also help you with the inscription 📄 and complete this process for you.

3 top tips to pass the exam

It’s important to pass the exam on your first try since it is not free of charge and as you’ve challenged yourself to do it. Here I’ll give you 3 top tips to help you pass the exam:

1.    I especially recommend you to take a look at the old DELE exams that are published on the Instituto Cervantes websites 💻, finish them and see how much you still have to learn before you apply or you can verify that you know enough to apply now 😊

2.    Prepare for the exam doing exercises of different types as grammar ✏, reading comprehension 📖, listening comprehension 👂🏻, and others, because the exam is composed of different exercises as well. You can prepare on your own , but you can also prepare with us. We offer you Spanish classes where you can ask your teacher to focus completely on the preparation for the DELE exams.

3.   I recommend you take a course before going to an exam, because you will be more confident 😁 about yourself and about your knowledge if you are in contact with Spanish before taking an exam. That will definitely give you a better preparation. Here at NikaTeacher we will be happy to help you prepare for the exam and we offer the possibility to take care of your inscription process if you choose to have classes with us. Our teachers are very well prepared and very nice people, so you can join pleasure with work. You can have fun 😜 in the classes and at the same time 🕖 you can improve your knowledge and obtain a certificate. 

But most important for passing the exam is to trust in yourself and your knowledge and come to the exam relaxed and well-rested 😴, which will help you concentrate and obtain better results.

Also, as our teacher Alicia says: If you are in a real rush for certifying your level, you can also opt for SIELE which is an online exam 👩‍💻, but we will tell you more about it on another occasion.  

And now I want to hear from you. Have you ever thought about doing an exam DELE 🤔? Do you think that it is useful to have this kind of certificate nowadays?



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