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Speaking classes online
Speaking classes online

Do you ever think, yeah yeah I’ve learnt all this grammar and vocabulary but I don’t really get chance to use my skills. Well, we have the perfect solution for you! At NikaTeacher, we offer Speaking Classes Online in our English Speaking Course. Tell me more I hear you say…..

15 Minute Telephone Conversation

This is perfect for you if you are ‘always on the move’ and need just 15 minutes to practice your English speaking. I know from experience how frustrating and difficult it is to speak another language on the phone, believe me! How I overcame this is by ‘grabbing the bull by the horns’ (DO IT = don’t be scared) and making phone calls to my teacher to practice. Suddenly, rather than ‘stumbling’ with the language, I had more confidence, more fluency and my listening skills improved too!

So what we do is call you (by Whatsapp) and we chat for 15 minutes about anything and everything, it could be food, shopping, the environment, you could practice making an appointment or you can choose a topic to chat about maybe using some of the vocabulary and grammar you learnt in your English Speaking Course. You are the one who gets to speak wherever you are, you could be having lunch, walking along the beach, having a coffee, and it’s just 15 important minutes to practice your English

Clases de inglés por teléfono

1 to 1 Online Classes

1 to 1 Online English Classes are perfect for you if you have been taking English classes and want to move on to an English Speaking Course by taking your language learning seriously, but also have some interesting conversations at the same time. This is your class, your time, and your improvement. In an Online Speaking Class, again, you can choose a topic, be it, food, movies and books, having a job interview, doing a presentation or even politics if that’s what you want…the class is designed to suit your own individual and unique needs.

When doing Speaking Classes Online, there may be some new vocabulary or a little extra Grammar to learn, but don’t worry, this is when you get to practice, practice, practice everything you have learnt, and the more you practice, the more you learn. Amazing hey?

English Speaking Course Online Classes

Small Group Classes

Our small group classes have no more than 4 or 6 students; which is perfect if you want to ‘get your point across’ (make people understand what you are saying) English Speaking Small Online Classes are where you learn the English Language and get to interact with your classmates. When we have group classes, there is always an interesting discussion with new essential vocabulary or phrasal verbs, sometimes we have a debate, or discuss conspiracy theories, we can even arrange role play activities, for example, complaining in a restaurant, FUN! 

Wait a minute, I hear you say, I can’t talk about the Industrial Revolution, my level is B1! Firstly, well done for getting to any level, you are amazing, and secondly, we tailor make the discussions to suit your needs and your level. Some people are nervous of group classes because they are worried about speaking in front of other students, I get it, I’m also learning a language. However, don’t be nervous, we are lovely I promise, nobody laughs or pulls a face, we are all learning together and reaching the same goals. Anyway, you are meeting new people and connecting with an online community, (not just from the Canary Islands, we have students from all over Europe which is really interesting, perfect!

Speaking english classes

There are several benefits from both Speaking Classes Online and English Speaking Courses

  1. You improve your speaking and listening skills. 
  2. Your pronunciation will get better. 
  3. You can learn from the comfort of your sofa. 
  4. You take part in engaging, interesting interactive lessons and at the end of the day; 
  5. you have a real sense of accomplishment.

So which English Speaking Course do you think would work for you – if you have any questions, let us know, we are here for you!


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