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Top 5 amusement parks on Gran Canaria
Top 5 amusement parks on Gran Canaria

In addition to the many nature locations on the island there are also many amusement parks on Gran Canaria. 

We have gathered all the information and made a top 5 for you! 

The amusement parks are perfect for a family day, birthday party or just to have an extraordinary day. 

We have chosen 5 very different options so everyone that is reading this will find something to their liking. Disclaimer: they are not ranked, it is just a random top 5 🙂

1. Holiday World 

Our first amusement park is Holiday World. It has a variety of restaurants and amusement rides like a carousel and ferris wheel, it also has a bowling alley, an arcade and an escape room. 

Holiday World is definitely worth a visit when you want a fun afternoon / evening. Also it is a good option if you are going with a group of friends or a family who want to do different things. Holiday World has several gastronomy options in the complex, our absolute favourite is Mr Kale.

Check out the opening times of the different areas here.

2. Aqualand

The second amusement park is Aqualand, this waterpark is located in Maspalomas and is accessible all year long. With four different zones like: Adrenaline zone and family fun, there is also a swimming pool and slide for you. With friendly staff and a clean park this is definitely a location to have a relaxing pool day! 

Check out the different prices here.

3. Poema del Mar

The next amusement park is an aquarium. Poema del Mar is located in Las Palmas and is definitely worth a visit. I am personally not such a fan of aquariums but Poema del Mar was a pleasant surprise. There are several ‘zones’  that are projected in the building which makes it interesting but also educational. People usually spend between 1.5 and 3 hours in the aquarium. 

The opening times are: 09:30 to 17:30 Monday to Sunday. 

Check out the prices here.

4. Gran Karting Club

Amusement park 4 is definitely something different from the rest: Karting, the Gran Karting Club is located in Bahia Feliz and started in 1983. There are several different karts and tracks which you can choose from. The staff are helpful and very friendly. 

This park is something different from the usual parks that we have which  makes it even more fun. 

The opening times in summer are: 11:00 – 22:00

The opening times in winter are: 10:00 – 21:00 

Check out more information here.

5. Palmitos Park

Last but not least we have Palmitos Park. Palmitos Park has 20 hectares of zoo, aviary and botanical garden. 

With different experiences and shows, you can easily spend the whole day here. The park is easily accessible and the staff are very helpful. 

This is a perfect location to go to with your kids. 

They are open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. 

Check the prices and more information here.

Top 5 amusement parks on Gran Canaria

This is our top 5, a variation of everything which makes the parks even more interesting.

We hope we have helped you with the difficult choice of choosing a park. 

If you are not into amusement parks but you do want to see things on the island make sure to check out other blogs about what to do on Gran Canaria.

What is your favorite amusement park?

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