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10 things to make your trip easier in GC
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Before I go on holiday I always research tips or fun facts about the holiday destination to make my trip easier. 🚗✈🚢

Do you also prefer to be familiar with the do’s and don’ts of your destination? This blog is the blog for YOU!

We have summed up 10 things to make your Gran Canaria trip easier. 🏝

Make sure you have a piece of paper or your notes on the phone open to write everything down or save this blog so you will be 100% prepared for Gran Canaria!  📝

1 Car rental 🚗

The first tip to make your trip easier is to rent a car. The island is so diverse and even though the public transport is easy and cheap, the best way to discover the island is by car. There are endless road trips you can do on Gran Canaria so make sure to check out our Road trip routes blog. 

On the island there are many car rental companies, but the best one is definitely Cicar

However, if you feel overwhelmed by this, feel free to DM @travel_gran_canaria on Instagram for more information.

2 Camping ⛺

Secondly, camping is really popular on the island, there are several locations where you can camp for free, for example: Llanos de la Mimbre and Llanos de la Pez. Be aware that you are not allowed to camp in random places and for some camping sites you need permission. Check out the website of the government to make sure where you can camp for free and where you need permission.

3 Shopping 🛒

An important tip to make your trip to Gran Canaria easier is about shopping on a Sunday. From May until October most shops tend to close on Sunday because of the low season. If you are on holiday here in this period and you would like to do some shopping, make sure you do this from Monday to Saturday. 

Another fun fact about shopping: did you know that on the Canary Islands you only pay 7% tax on your shopping. This is why it is definitely worth it to do a proper shopping spree when you are in Gran Canaria. These are the best shopping malls to do shopping

4 Tap water 💧

The fourth tip is an important one, it is best not to drink the tap water! This is also why there are so many different water options in the supermarkets. You can use tap water for brushing your teeth and cooking pasta for example, but for drinking, bottled water is better!

5 Tipping 💰

In a restaurant or bar it is normal to tip up to 10% of the bill. Of course this is not mandatory but if you are satisfied with the service and food it is definitely appreciated. 

6 Best month 📅

People often ask me ‘What is the best month to visit Gran Canaria?’ and the answer is: there is not one best month. The warmest months are July to September but there is nice weather all year round. It also depends what you are looking for, in winter there are (usually) more waterfalls and nature is green. If you are looking for beach days, I would recommend July or August. The conclusion is: there is no bad month to visit Gran Canaria, each month has its own advantages.

7 Currency 💸 

Gran Canaria is a part of Spain which is why we use the Euro. If you are coming from a country that uses another currency, I can recommend you to exchange some money before you arrive on Gran Canaria but there are several exchange locations on the island and one of them is at the airport.

8 Clothing 👚

When you are going to explore the island I can 100% recommend you bring extra clothes. When you arrive at the beach, you might want to swim and the mountains are always a bit cooler. Also there can be quite a difference between the temperature in Las Palmas and in the south. I have made this mistake several times. Even by just staying in Las Palmas, the morning can be cloudy but in less than an hour the clouds can completely disappear. 

9 Circumference 🏝 

Gran Canaria has a diameter of 50km. The total area is 1560km2.  If you would like to do a tour around the island you will cover approximately 170KM.

10 Bus 🚌

Bus or as they call it here: Guagua. There is a very efficient bus system on the island. For example in the city of Las Palmas you can take the yellow buses, fun fact, most buses in Las Palmas are actually electric. 

For the buses outside of the city centre you have the blue buses. On the blue bus you can pay by card, cash or get a bus card.Make sure to check out Guaguas Global for the updated timetables and stops! 

For the yellow buses you can only pay cash or use the bus card. 

I hope these tips have helped you make your trip to Gran Canaria easier. If you have other questions of course feel free to comment in the blog below or send me a DM on Instagram @travel_gran_canaria

Do you have any tips that you wish you had known before coming to the island? Leave them in the comments 😊. 


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