The most beautiful places in Slovenia

Welcome again to our blog 🤩. Today’s blog topic is going to be Slovenia 🇸🇮 and tips on what to see there and why you should visit Nika’s and my homeland, Slovenia. For those of you who don’t know this yet, Slovenia is a central-European country 🇪🇺 and it borders with four countries: Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary. Our official language is Slovenian and as a fun fact, let me tell you that our country surface is in the form of a chicken 😄.



Ljubljana is the capital city 🏙 and also the biggest city of Slovenia. It has lately become  full of Erasmus students 👩‍🎓 and tourists, I guess it’s becoming a very popular destination

As a resident of this city I can tell you that a perfect way to spend the morning in Ljubljana is to enjoy a coffee on the terrace in one of the cafes by the river, take a lovely walk by the river and go towards the part that is called Trnovo District. Ljubljana people love drinking coffee and chatting, especially during the weekends or afternoons 🌆 during the week. The part that I love the most about Ljubljana is the old city center with small streets where you can wander around. The second point is just a few minutes walk up from the center and it’s the Ljubljana Castle 🏰. And the third point that I like, and it’s near the city center, is the river Ljubljanica and a walking path where you can walk under birches and enjoy the view over a river. You can also sit in one of the numerous bars and cafes that are located beside the river. Another green area is the Tivoli park. It’s beautiful and especially in spring it’s so wonderful to take a walk there and eat some ice-cream 🍦.

Since Ljubljana is my hometown 😍 I have so many other places that I love about it, but maybe I can tell you more about that in another blog.


Bled is a very popular location for tourists 📸 nowadays. The reason for that is, there is a very beautiful lake which you can walk around, or in the summer you can also take a swim 🏊 in the lake even if it’s very cold. If you go to Bled you should really go to the small island that is located in the middle of the Bled lake. You can go there by boat 🚣. Also, a typical dessert that is famous in Slovenia and it comes from Bled is kremšnita 🍰.  More about kremsnita y kranjska klobasa in the next blog.

Piran & Portorož

The Slovenian coast 🌅 is beautiful if you want to go on a one-day trip, taking a walk on the roads that lead from one town to another, you can find an isolated beach 🏖 for yourself and go and take a swim or spend a lovely day sunbathing. Piran and Portorož are two cities where most people decide to spend their time when they visit the Slovenian coast.


A very famous tourist attraction is the Postojna Caves. It is incredibly fascinating and exciting 🤩 to see something like that, once you enter the caves, they take you from one part to another in a small train 🚆 inside the cave.


Maribor is the second biggest city in Slovenia that won a prestigious title of the European City of Culture 🎆 in 2012. 

Here are a few highlights of Maribor:

  • The oldest grape 🍇 vine in the world 
  • Ski resort Pohorje ⛷ where there is a women’s world ski championship in February
  • There is a festival in Summer 🎊 nearby the river Drava called Lent
  • Parks: Mestni Park 🏞 is the most beautiful one
  • Basilica of our Mother of Mercy  ⛪
  • Small and cozy coffee shops ☕
  • The best pizza 🍕 in town: La Cantina where you can even have a pizza in an igloo in Winter.
La Cantina

Definitely worth visiting 🥰, especially if you are flying from Vienna or Budapest.

Finally, we have to add that these are just a few places in Slovenia that you should go and see, but there are so many more places to visit 😍, as Slovenia is a very rich country in different types of landscapes: we have mountains, coasts, and plains.

By the way, in our next blog you will be able to read about recommendations for places where you can eat amazing 🤩 local food.

Nika & Eva

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