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Whenever I travel abroad ✈ I love to read some blogs beforehand about interesting facts or history of the place, just to know a little bit more about the place I’m visiting. For this reason, I decided to prepare something related to Slovenia 🇸🇮: and what’s more is that Pedro and Eva are collaborating here. If you haven’t read the blog about the most important places in Slovenia, here goes the link

Traveling to Slovenia as a tourist 📸 made me see some of our traditions and routines from a different point of view. So, today it’s high time to share those: 

I want to share a 3×3 blog, 9 facts you should know about Slovenia. A friend of mine also sent me a link, where it was stated that Slovenia is the first place on the list of countries you should visit in 2020

3 funny routines 

Wait at the red traffic light 🚦 no matter what 

It is commonly known that you will get a fine 👮 in Slovenia if you cross a red light as a pedestrian 🚶 or if you cross the street where there is no zebra crossing. This kind of law breaking would cost you between 25€-50€, therefore even when there are no cars and even if the road to cross is about 4-steps long, you wouldn’t cross it until the green light 🟢 is on. 

Now, go out and put it into practice! 

Keep your table always full of amazing dishes and take your shoes off 

Slovenians are well known as amazing cooks 👩‍🍳; actually you will probably eat better at home 🏠 than in a restaurant. For this reason, it seems there are definitely more supermarkets than restaurants (or at least this is my feeling whenever I go back to my homeland 😍).

At this point, I have to add another one: Take your shoes off when visiting someone’s else’s house.

It’s funny, sometimes when people from Central Europe 🇪🇺 come to our Language school 🏫; they frequently want to take their shoes off at the entrance. That’s just a nice gesture that clearly shows they feel like they are at home when they come to learn at our school: Have you ever been at our language school? 😉

Coffee marathons with friends 

Slovenians are coffee lovers ☕ as there is a huge variety of coffee at any coffee place you go to. 

They usually also offer you some cakes 🍰 or typical Slovenian desserts or homemade ice cream 🍧 which makes you go back as often as you can. 

The most expensive 💶 coffee I had this year was 2,20€. 

So when you decide to travel to the city where you studied 👩‍🎓 or where you have friends 🤗, you prepare an agenda where you schedule 📅 all your meetings. Depending on the number of gatherings, you can either move to different places or ask your friends to come to the place where you are located for the whole evening, like speed dating. That’s time saving ⏱.

3 typical dishes: 

In this part, I only want to share with you the name and the photo so that you know what to order when you’re around:

There is another blog coming out about where to eat 🍽. Yummy! 

And to finish with, here are some facts that are always good to know

  • Slovenians are always on time ⌚; we can get easily nervous when it comes to time related issues (someone being late, bus not arriving on time, etc). If you are meeting a Slovenian person, please, do come on time
  • They are self-determined and always want to improve 💪; just imagine that 60 minutes away from my home town, people would speak either Hungarian, German or Croatian. It is in our genes to always try to get better, not only in languages but also in other aspects of our lives. If you don’t do it, someone else will, so there is quite a lot of competition around. Anyway, there are different places to visit 🔍, you will be surprised how well organized everything is and how many novelties you can find.

Around both of the largest cities there are some mountains 🏞 that are definitely worth visiting

Ljubljana — Velika planina, Bled 

Maribor, Celje — Pohorje or Rogla

In general, there are Alps in Slovenia so do take time for those and visit: Vogel, Kanin or Krajnska gora. 

  • Shops in the center usually close at 7pm or earlier, so do all your purchases 🛍 before then.

And that’s all for today! Did you like this blog? 🤩 If so, let me know in the comments below: 

  • Have you ever been to Slovenia? If so, what place did you like most?
  • Which fun fact do you like most? 😊

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  1. Thank to you now I know a little more about your home country. A country where I had not thought about travel (so sorry 🙂 ) , but after know a little more i see that it is worth it, it is really beautiful!! Love the nature :):)

    1. Elena, thank you so much for sharing your opinion 🙂 On our blog we are going to share the itinerary next week, so stay tuned for more.
      The nature is just fascinating, I’m sure you would love it. <3