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North of Gran Canaria
North of Gran Canaria

Before I moved to Gran Canaria I thought that Las Palmas was the most northern part of Gran Canaria. Little did I know that probably the most beautiful part of the island is in the (actual) North of the island

Many people ask me what locations are a must visit when you are touring the island and in this blog we will focus on the must see location of the North of Gran Canaria

1   Natural pools

One thing that can not be left out of this list are the natural pools.In the North of Gran Canaria there are several locations like: Agaete, Galdar and Sardina that have many natural pools, some are more popular than others. It’s definitely worth visiting at least one of these pools to check out how amazing nature is and of course take a swim in the salty natural pools.
Do you want to know the exact locations of our top 5? Check out our natural pool blog.

If you want to have a lovely breakfast in the North of the island before starting with the tour, we highly recommend visiting: Nativo (if you are going during the weekend, ensure you make a reservation) 

2   Coffee plantation 

The second location that you definitely have to put on your list is the coffee plantation.  When you arrive in Agaete valley, you feel like you are somewhere in Hawaii, especially if you are visiting us in spring.  

Discover Bodega los Berrazales where they don’t only grow coffee beans but also fruit and make wine! This is the only coffee plantation in Europe and started in the 18th century. Plus, they also filmed one part of the famous cooking show: MasterChef Spain there – you will find out exactly where once you visit the finca. 

You can get a tour through the plantation but you can also discover on your own and taste the delicious coffee. 

After visiting the coffee plantation, we recommend you go to Agaete village and have lunch at a local bar in the main square: El Perola or continue to Agaete Puerto.

3   Banana plantations

When you are driving through the north of the island you are not able to miss the thousands of banana plants that will surround you. The bananas are not your regular size bananas. The Canarian bananas are smaller and tastier, this is because of the perfect climate that we have for growing bananas. Also the bananas stay on the plants longer, which means they generate more taste. Definitely try some local bananas and you will definitely taste the difference. 

4   Moya

Last but not least, we will let you in on a town that is not that many tourists know of but is definitely worth a visit: Moya. 

The town is still very historical and the houses are picturesque. Because the town is well kept, there are also many local handicraft places as well as local restaurants and shops. 

Stroll through the streets of Moya and take in all the culture. 

If you prefer to do a small hike in the forest, I would suggest going to Tilos de Moya. This location in the area of Moya has several different paths, all with easy access.

Check out the full hiking routers here

There are other towns you probably already know in the north of the island which you should visit: Arucas, Firgas and Terror. 


These were a few places that we thought were worth mentioning in a blog dedicated to the north. Of course there are many other places that are worth a visit

For any questions feel free to DM @travel_gran_canaria on Instagram. 

What is your favorite location in the north?

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