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Top 5 towns in the North of GRAN CANARIA
Top 5 towns in the North of GRAN CANARIA

There are 5 towns in the North of Gran Canaria I think you shouldn’t miss when living here or visiting the island. 

Would you like to discover and explore the culture of Gran Canaria but are overwhelmed by the amount of towns we have? 

I will make a top 5 must visit towns while in Gran Canaria for you. This blog will be about the towns in the North.

1. Arucas

The town of Arucas is located about 15 minutes from Las Palmas. With its main attraction the church of Parroquia de San Juan Bautista de Arucas. For the best views of the church check out: Terraza la Emblemática. Make sure to make a reservation as the Rooftop bar is very popular. This church is located in the centre of the town. From this town you can enter the main street of Arucas where you will find some shops and also local bars and restaurants. This street ends up at the park of the town. Don’t forget to visit the rum factories while you are here!

2 Teror

The second town which is a must see is Teror. This town has a rich history and gorgeous architecture. The main square of the town has the local church and it also has an ancient tree in the middle, which makes the square picturesque and informative. In the area of Teror you can also do some hiking for example Barranco de Alamo check out more information about this hike here

When you are in Teror, you should definitely try “Bocadillo de Chorizo de Teror with goat cheese” and a typical Canarian fizzy drink “Clipper de fresa” – the traditional one has a taste of strawberry. 

3 Agaete

The third town is a town which has a fisherman’s history. Located in the North part of the island where you can also find the Ferry to Tenerife. Agaete has a Greek atmosphere due to its white and blue houses. The town is perfect for a stroll around but also has a small pebble beach where you can relax and enjoy the views of the mountains. Agaete is also known for its natural pools and for the botanical garden Huerto de las Flores. Discover both and find out which your favourite is.  

Have in mind the following: Agaete Port (Agaete puerto) is not the same as Agaete village (Agaete pueblo). These are two different locations and we think you should visit both. Remember that in the village you can visit the only coffee plantation in Europe.

4 Firgas

The fourth town I want to tell you about is Firgas. A town close to Arucas, which is famous for the ‘fountain street’ , this street is really picturesque and if you walk past the fountain there are also relief models of the different islands on the floor, which is really interesting to see. What is a Canarian town without a viewpoint? Exactly, not very common. Firgas has a square where you can admire the views of the ocean.

5 Moya 

Last but not least, I will talk to you about the town of Moya. Probably the building that will stand out the most is the church, a beautiful church opened in 1957. Also visit the House museum where you will find a lot of historical collections. While walking around in Moya, you can enjoy the cute houses and local shops. Around the town of Moya there are several hiking/ walking paths, which you can enjoy all year round like the Tilos de Moya

You should try “Suspiros de Moya” and “Turron de La Moyera.” 

I hope this blog has helped you with your must visit list of Gran Canaria. Let us know which town is your favourite! For any other questions or doubts feel free to DM me on @travel_gran_canaria on Instagram! 


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